50 Best Croatian Actresses of All Time

List of 50 Best Croatian actresses of all time. (2011.)
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Inge Appelt
Inge Apelt was born to the family of Rudolf Appelt, electric application store owner in Osijek. During her childhood she was often taken to the theatre by her schoolteacher mother. There she fell in love with opera, but, lacking the talent for singing, decided to pursue career in drama. In 1961 she enrolled in Drama Academy in Zagreb and later got small part in a TV show...
Vera Zima
Actress, Luda kuca
Born in Metkovic. She graduated in 1976 from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Since then she continues to act at numerous theaters in Zagreb. She has appeared, both as a lead and supporting role, in many national film productions and serials. Vera Zima has been awarded for her roles in the theater (The Inn-keeper directed by Josko Juvancic...
Ksenija Marinkovic
Ksenija Marinkovic was born in Virovitica in 1966 where she finished high school. Ever since she was eight until entering the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, she was involved in the Virovitica theatre as an amateur actress. As a student of the Academy she started to collaborate with the Gavella theatre and the Histrioni troupe...
Mira Furlan
Actress, Babylon 5
A leading actress of theatre, film and TV in the former Yugoslavia, Mira Furlan emigrated to the U.S. with her husband, Goran Gajic, in November 1991, due to the intolerable political circumstances in her homeland. Ms. Furlan starred in the Warner Brothers TV-series Babylon 5 as "Ambassador Delenn" (Sci-Fi Universe Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Genre TV-series 1996 and 1997)...
Anja Sovagovic-Despot
Anja Sovagovic was born to the family of Fabijan Sovagovic, one of the most respected Croatian actors. Same as her younger brother Filip Sovagovic she pursued the acting career from an early age. After high school she enrolled in Drama Academy in Zagreb. There, together with theatre director 'Kresimir Dolencic'...
Alma Prica
Actress, Halimin put
Born in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1985 graduated on Dramma Academy in Zagreb. Soon after that Alma Prica joined Croatian National Theatre where she works today.
Nela Erzisnik
Actress, Breza
Marija Tadic
Actress, Tu
Ksenija Pajic
Actress, Villa Maria
Born and raised in Rijeka, Ksenija Pajic began his acting career by enrolling in Drama Academy in Zagreb in 1979. She graduated in 1984 and joined "Teatar u gostima" theatre company. Three years later she got a leading role in Oficir s ruzom and joined Gavella Theatre in Zagreb. In 1991 she married Emil Vukov, piano player, and gave birth to their daughter, Vita.
Mirta Zecevic
Mirta Zecevic was engaged in the Croatian National Theatre after she graduated with a degree in acting from the Zagreb Theatre Academy. Her most memorable role was as the Canterbury Woman in T.S. Eliot's 'Murder in the Cathedral'. She has appeared in several Croatian films including 'Luka', 'Golden Years' 'Holding', 'Three Men of Melita Zganjer' as well as in several other foreign films.
Leona Paraminski
Actress, Dobre namjere
Leona Paraminski is a European movie, theatre and TV actress born in Croatia. She has appeared in over 30 films and TV shows mostly as a leading actress. She is best known for "Winter in Rio", "The Society of Jesus", "The Party" and "Budva na pjenu od mora". She enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Art...
Dubravka Ostojic
At the age of nine, Dubravka Ostojic enrolled in the ballet school. However, ten years later, she decided to pursue acting career instead and joined Theatre Academy in Zagreb. Four years later she graduated and began working in Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. In 1985 she joined Teatar u gostima travelling theatre company...