Some of my favorite TV characters

If these characters were real, I'd love to hang with them!
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“ How could you not like Colonel Klink? Somehow I think we all hoped Hogan either put in a good word for Klink & Shultz after the war, or helped them escape Germany. ” - mlevans
Hank Kimball
Green Acres (1965 TV Series), Alvy Moore
“ All the Green Acres characters were great...but County Agent Hank Kimball was the dooziest! ” - mlevans
“ As a small-town journalist, I sometimes fear I'm becoming Les Nessman! Who can forget the taped "office walls" or the infamous WKRP turkey sdrop? ” - mlevans
“ Frank DeKova rocked as Wild Eagle! Great show & awesome theme song! ” - mlevans
“ The chemistry between Jo (Nancy McKeon) & Blair (Lisa Whelchel) made Facts of Life really fun to watch...well, that & them both being HOTTIES! ” - mlevans
“ Almost on a nuttiness par with Hank Kimball, howard was awesome! He added zaniness to The Bob Newhart Show, a very droll, intelligent, well-written comedy. ” - mlevans
Maxwell Smart
Get Smart (1965 TV Series), Don Adams
“ Gotta love Max & 99 on Get Smart! 'Missed it by THAT much!' ” - mlevans
“ I never really saw Everybody Loves Raymond when it was on, but I've fallen in love with it on TVLand. Robert rocks! ” - mlevans
“ Alan Hale Jr. certainly found the role he was meant to play! ” - mlevans
Wacky Races (1968 TV Series), Don Messick
“ You gotta love a snickering dog with only marginal loyalty to his ruthless, but inept master, Dick Dastardly! They wre great in both The Wacky Races and in Dastardly and Muttley and Their Flying Machines. ” - mlevans