Greatest Bassists

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Les Claypool
Music Department, Robot Chicken
“ Primus ” - Paul Hamell
Paul McCartney
Music Department, A Hard Day's Night
Sir Paul McCartney is a key figure in contemporary culture as a singer, composer, poet, writer, artist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and holder of more than 3 thousand copyrights. He is in the "Guinness Book of World Records" for most records sold, most #1s (shared), most covered song, "Yesterday," largest paid audience for a solo concert (350,000+ people...
“ The Beatles ” - Paul Hamell
Cliff Burton
Soundtrack, Zombieland
Clifford Lee Burton was born on February 10, 1962 in Castro Valley, California, to Janet (Morgen) and Ray Herbert Burton. He had two siblings. His mother was from a German Jewish family, and his father was of British Isles descent. As a youngster, Clifford always liked music, listening to genres such as blues...
“ Metallica ” - Paul Hamell
John Paul Jones
Soundtrack, Argo
“ Led Zeppelin ” - Paul Hamell
John Entwistle
Music Department, Tommy
“ The Who ” - Paul Hamell
Geezer Butler
Soundtrack, Iron Man
“ Black Sabbath ” - Paul Hamell
Michael Peter Balzary was born on the sixteenth of October 1962, in Melbourne, Australia. When he was four, his parents divorced and Michael, his sister Karen and his mother Patricia headed for New York; they didn't stay long and soon ended up in L.A. (in 1972), where his step-father, a jazz musician named Walter Urban Jr....
“ Red Hot Chili Peppers ” - Paul Hamell
Geddy Lee
Geddy Lee is best known as the vocalist, bassist, and keyboard player for the rock group Rush, which also features drummer Neil Peart and guitarist Alex Lifeson. Rush is the most successful Canadian music group in history, and is the third most prolific seller of consecutive (American) Gold and Platinum Records and videos...
“ Rush ” - Paul Hamell
Steve Harris
Soundtrack, Mr. Deeds
Founder of heavy metal band "Iron Maiden". Steve grew up in the East End of London, his father was a truck driver, and his mother raised Steve and his three sisters, as well as having various part time jobs. Started "Iron Maiden" in 1975, but didn't release any album until 1980, after numerous line-up changes...
Jack Bruce
Soundtrack, Goodfellas
“ Cream ” - Paul Hamell
“ Guns N' Roses ” - Paul Hamell
Nikki Sixx
Soundtrack, Charlie's Angels
Frank Ferranna II was born to Frank and Deana Ferranno. When Nikki was in his thirties, he found out that he had a sister with down syndrome. She was older than him. The day before he was to meet her for the first time, she passed away. His father left him and his mother soon after he was born. He was often swapped between his mother and his grandparents and moved numerous times to numerous places...
“ Motley Crue ” - Paul Hamell
Chris Squire
Soundtrack, The Break-Up
Born in London on March 4, 1948, Chris Squire engaged in a highly musical childhood, including singing in St. Paul's distinguished youth choir. In 1968, he bumped into aspiring tenor vocalist Jon Anderson in a London bar, "La Chasse". They soon found that they shared similar ideas of how music should sound...
Bill Wyman
Wyman was born in Lewishman, Kent on 24th October 1936. When he was a child he started to play the organ with his father. His first real job was when he did his national service in the RAF Regiment. When he came back to England he got married and had a kid called Steven. Bill then took up a job as a carpenter and was in the meantime teaching himself bass guitar...
“ The Rolling Stones ” - Paul Hamell
John Deacon
Soundtrack, Iron Man 2
“ Queen ” - Paul Hamell
“ Jimi Hendrix Experience ” - Paul Hamell
Tom Hamilton
Soundtrack, Armageddon
“ Aerosmith ” - Paul Hamell
“ Metallica ” - Paul Hamell
“ Metallica ” - Paul Hamell
Shavo Odadjian
Shavo was born in Armenia in 1974. He has been in System of a Down, since the early 90s. He plays the bass. He made his film debut in Zoolander. He and System of a Down have been touring on Ozzfest more than twice and recorded hugely innovative and platinum selling records "Toxicity" in 2001 and "Mezmerize" in 2005
“ Pink Floyd ” - Paul Hamell