Luckiest Characters

This is about those characters that always seem to come out of a difficult situation out of sheer dumb luck rather than any specific skill, or characters that have come very close to death but somehow keep escaping.
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“ This should be obvious, everything falls into place for him. ” - pgrass13
“ he should have been "killed" on numerous occasions. It is possible his luck could be attributed to the force, which would make him the only known droid Jedi. ” - pgrass13
Jack Bauer
24 (2001 TV Series), Kiefer Sutherland
“ While part of his survival is skill, luck is the only way to explain the extent of it. ” - pgrass13
“ Though this may seem like an odd choice as he seems to be very average, it is obvious in the episode with Frank Grimes how much dumb luck Homer has. ” - pgrass13
Animaniacs (1993 TV Series), Nancy Cartwright