List of Nonhuman "actors"

IMDB has a number of non-humans listed as actors, while it does have animals there is at least some sense to that, for now, I am focusing on those that are more inanimate objects.
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Wilson the Volleyball
Self, Cast Away
Wilson the Volleyball is one of Hollywood's most loved volleyballs. His glittering career started when he became the only companion of Tom Hanks' Chuck Noland in Cast Away. Many say this is Wilson's best performance and he couldn't have given a better effort. He has made notable guest appearances on shows like Family Guy, where he was able to poke fun at his role in Cast Away.
Herbie, a Volkswagen Beetle, has worked alongside human stars ranging from Dean Jones, Buddy Hackett, Don Knotts, Helen Hayes, and Cloris Leachman to Lindsay Lohan, Matt Dillon, and Michael Keaton. Herbie received his first on-screen credit in the 1969 hit 'The Love Bug'. Set against the backdrop of San Francisco...
Actor, Airplane!
Robby the Robot
Robby was the brainchild of, and designed by industrial designer, Japanese-American engineer Robert Kinoshita. It was built in mid-1955 by the MGM prop department, at a reported cost of $125,000, to 'star' in the epic science fiction classic Forbidden Planet and its B-movie followup The Invisible Boy a year later...
Alan Smithee
Born in 1967, the same year he directed his first picture, Death of a Gunfighter. Restricted by Directors Guild of America rules to certain "genres" of film, i.e., those on which the other directors have functioned, but from which they wish to be disassociated. Gained strong reviews for his initial film:...
“ Not exactly an inanimate object, but a special case none the less. ” - pgrass13
This person is no longer available
The Golden Hinde
The original Golden Hinde was the flagship of Sir Francis Drake, used during Drake's circumnavigation of the world. The ship had originally been called the Pelican, but as the ship was to enter the Straits of Magellan, Drake ordered that the ship be renamed in honor of his patron Sir Christopher Hatton (the golden hind was a feature of Hatton's family heraldry)...