Actresses we need to see on the BIG screen again!

A list of some pretty awesome women who have been absent on the big screen in recent years. Sure, we see them on TV nowadays, but what about the Silver Screen? They still have a LOT of livin' to do!
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“ Who could forget Sloan Peterson from "Ferris Buellers Day Off"? or Pincess Lily from "Legend"? Mia Sara has a gentile and strong presence that deserves to be matched again where we can see her best! ” - doorbomb62
Daphne Zuniga
Actress, Spaceballs
Zuniga was born in San Francisco, California to Agnes A. Zuniga (née Janawicz) and Joaquin Alberto Zuniga Mazariegos. Her mother is a Unitarian minister, of Polish and Finnish descent, and her father, originally from Guatemala, was an emeritus professor of philosophy at California State University, East Bay. Zuniga has two sisters: Jennifer Zuniga, and Rosario Zuniga...
“ Princess vespa from "Spaceballs" and Alison Bradbury in "The Sure Thing" just go to prove that Ms. Zuniga has a star-power that could add any kind of flavor to the most smallest role in a comedy today. Just a mere onscreen moment would do. Any time she enters the framne she radiates passion, power and beauty better than most actresses onscreen today. A much needed and missed force to be reckoned with on the big screen. ” - doorbomb62
Helen Slater
Helen Slater was born in Bethpage, New York, to Alice Joan (Citrin), a lawyer and peace activist, and Gerald Slater, a television executive. She was raised in Massapequa, Long Island, New York, and is of Eastern European Jewish descent. Appearing in many shows as a child, she attended the New York High School of Performing Arts...
“ There's NO doubt about it! From a SUPER debut in "Supergirl" to comedic revolutions of a sexual nature in "The Secret of My Success", Helen Slater is one Super actress that can achieve the most wide range of talent anywhere. Probably the best in her generation. She turns in credible performances in even the most undemanding of projects. Why it wasn't her in "Sleepless in Seattle" or "The Pelican Brief" I'll never know, but one thing's for sure...a Super come-back in definitely in order! ” - doorbomb62
Geena Davis
Actress, Beetlejuice
As a child, Geena dreamed of being an actress. While in high school, she felt left out and had low self-esteem because, at 6 feet, she was the tallest girl in school. After high school graduation, Geena entered New England College in New Hampshire and then transferred the next year to Boston University...
“ Whether its a determined ghost desperate to get rid of feisty tenants, or a woman on the lamb in desperate times, the one thing more desperate than the films themselves, is the need for Ms. Davis to be back on the big screen again! Who could forget this charming and undeniably gorgeous talent as she reigned on high in "BeetleJuice", fought the mans world in "Thelma & Louise", played a really mean ballgame in "A League of Their Own" and kicked a double standard ass in both "Cutthroat Island" and "The Long Kiss Goodnight"? Yes, Geena Davis is one strong woman with a big personality, and lots of muscle in physic and emotion. It would be nice to see this beauty steer the big screens again, some time soon. It's criminal that she's absent now. ” - doorbomb62
Madeleine Stowe
Actress, Revenge
Madeleine Stowe was born in Los Angeles, California, to Mireya Maria (Mora Steinvorth) and Robert Alfred Stowe, a civil engineer. Her mother was a from a prominent political family in Costa Rica. Stowe grew up in Eagle Rock, a working-class neighborhood of Los Angeles. At age ten she started practicing for a career as a concert pianist and trained every day for hours...
“ Stakeouts, Mohicans, Revenge, Gangster Wars, 12 Monkeys, Short Cuts, and Bad Girls! Ms. Stowe Played It by Heart with out so much as a Blink! A more subtle but just as prominant force in her generation, we need more of the familarity that we once had. Sure, it might be asking a bit much, but why not? This lovely, elligant actress also has a spunk and flavor of charisma that enchants many a viewer in the cinemas, and it's time we see it again! ” - doorbomb62
Linda Hamilton
Born in Salisbury, Maryland, USA, following high school Linda studied for two years at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, before moving on to acting studies in New York. In New York she attended acting workshops given by Lee Strasberg. Her first parts were small parts in TV series, with her biggest break coming with her role in The Terminator...
“ The great HAMBINO! Or, Bambino Hamilton! Either way you look at it, Linda Hamilton captivated more than her fair share of viewers on much more than one occaision. Fighting "The Terminater", defeating the "Children of the Corn", and conquering "Dante's Peak" were just a few triumphs of this remarkable actress. Her absolute strength & ultimate hell-fire determination helped define the modern woman of the 1990s, and even set some standards for what was there in the 1980s as well. Alas, she is another familiar name that some of us cry out for while weeping in the seats of the cinema because we can't see real talent any more. Nobody is more turbulent and empowering as Linda hamilton, and we desrve more power and presence when we are now paying 10.00 at the box office. Only such actresses as Linda are even worth half that when it comes to ticket prices. We love you Linda, PLZ visit us on the big screen again...soon! ” - doorbomb62
Lea Thompson
Lea Katherine Thompson was born on May 31, 1961, in Rochester, Minnesota. She is the youngest of five children. Her parents are Barbara Anne (Barry) and Clifford Elwin "Cliff" Thompson. Since all her siblings were much older than she, Lea says it seemed like she had more than two parents. The family lived in the Starlight Motel...
“ Remember Lorraine Baines McFly? Of course you do! That is why it is no secret that we all want to see the familiar tactics and talent of Ms. Lea Thompson again! NOW! With such a fun skill and fancy presence that ultimately drew an amicability to this charming beauty, it's sad to see her in not-so charming projects these days. After her "Future" days, she turned in credbile performances in "Casual Sex", "Dennis the Menace", and "The Beverly Hillbillies". Gosh, such great times, and even greater films. certainly better than we have today! ” - doorbomb62
Cathy Moriarty
Actress, Raging Bull
Cathy Moriarty was born November 29, 1960 in the Bronx, New York, to Irish immigrants, Catherine and John Moriarty, a warehouse worker. She was raised in Westchester County, New York and began acting in local dinner theaters while still in high school. At 17, she auditioned for what would be her most memorable role to film aficionados...
“ Certainly the most outspoken onscreen actress to grace the roles of a leading lady and a character actress, Cathy Moriarty will forever live in the hearts of cinema goers as Vickie La Motta in "Raging Bull" and Montanna Moorehead in "SoapDish". Other quacky, quirky, and enjoyable roles included Carrigan Crittenden in "Casper" and Lanna Lake in "The Mambo Kings". With a distinctive voice that will never be mistaken, and the most raunchy timing in all the industry, we can't help but love this powerful presence for all the laughter and heart she gives every performance she has achieved. A remarkable and missing talent indeed, we ought to see her once more on the big screen to. I hope soon... ” - doorbomb62
Debra Winger
Mary Debra Winger was born May 16, 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio, to Ruth (Felder), an officer manager, and Robert Jack Winger, a meat packer. She is from a Jewish family (originally from Austria-Hungary and the Russian Empire). Her maternal grandparents called her Mary, while her parents called her Debra (her father named her Debra after his favorite actress...
“ Debra Winger. The name alone is a cinematic Term of Endearment. Ms. Winger projects such a stromng and passionate charisma that infuels audiences with a will just as strong as hers. It's no wonder that in later films such as "Black Widow" and "Betrayed" we feel our blood boiling to a rithing frenzy every time she either succeeds, or comes close to succeeding. Her potent emotion and cunning facial expressions are enough to rpove that Ms. Winger is a force that is sorely missing on the big screen, certainly the big screen is sorely lacking like this. ” - doorbomb62
P.J. Soles
Actress, Halloween
P.J. (Pamela Jayne) Soles was born on July 17, 1950 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her father came from Holland and her mother from New Jersey. Because her father was working for an international insurance company, the family moved all over the world. P.J. lived in Casablanca, Morocco, and Maracaibo, Venezuela...
“ From Scream-Queen, to A-List star, to current Genra Icon, P.J. Soles is almost too much of a good thing for most people, but fans will never let go! With constant spunk, persistant energy, and lovable pluck, P.J. Soles gave us some of the most recognizable characters in "Carrie", "Halloween", "Rock N Roll High School" and "Stripes" to name a few. Though she never quite lasted as long on the big screen as some of her coherts (Jaime Lee Curtis, Sissy Spacek) she has managed a much stronger following as a Genra icon that has forever imortalized her in the minds of many a cinema fanatic. After so much time, we still cry for a potent role in a quality script. No cameos please, just some good ol' fashioned P.J. the way we like her. Much Love. ” - doorbomb62
Shelley Duvall
Actress, The Shining
Shelley Alexis Duvall was born in Houston, Texas, to Bobbie Ruth (Massengale) and Robert Richardson Duvall, a lawyer. During her childhood, Shelley's mother humorously gave Shelley the nickname "Manic Mouse", because she would often run around her house and tip over furniture. Shelley however was more than a mouse...
“ One of the most familiar faces to emerge from the 1970s most impressionistic and artistically enhanced films, Shelley Duvall had a quircky and unique charm that set her far above the norm. Furthermore, she gave us a thrilling portrayal of Wendy Torrance in "The Shining", thus cementing herself in cinematic histiry. Log gone for many years now, she is a sure face that the big screen would surely benefit from. ” - doorbomb62
Nancy Allen
Actress, RoboCop
Nancy Anne Allen was the daughter of a police lieutenant from Yonkers, New York. At a young age, she trained for a dancing career at the High School of Performing Arts, and then attended Jose Quintano's School for Young Professionals. In dozens of television commercials from the age of 15, Nancy made her first film appearance in The Last Detail with Jack Nicholson...
“ Chris Hargensen was one of the most evil and conniving characters in fiction. Brought to the big screen for the film adaptation of "Carrie" made a sure and clear visual. Nancy Allen gave that character more hostile and unlikable qualities than perhaps her own good, but that wasn't the only thing Ms. Allen was excelling at. In later films by Brian De Palma, she managed to play an extremely sensual hooker with a heart of gold, and a conspiracy victim as gentile and harmless as a soft kitten. Nancy Allen had and has more talent than most actresses. She is one of many that deserves a more recognizable status today. Other comic turns for this lovely actress were as a frqazzled out bride-to-be in "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and a tough stuff cookie who literally get's off in airplanes in "1941". Though barely seen vby newer and unfortuinate audiences today, one mere appearance in another big screen film might just fit the bill for Ms. Allen. A great actress we need again today! ” - doorbomb62
Pamela Sue Martin
Actress, Dynasty
Pamela Sue Martin attended public schools in Westport, Connecticut and graduated from Staples High School in February 1971. Before she graduated, Pamela was working in a hamburger stand for $1.45 per hour when a friend told her that she was earning $60 per hour modeling in New York. Liking the wages and being of an ambitious nature...
“ Long before "Dynasty" or even "Nancy Drew", pamela Sue martin's spunky and lively talenst were featured in theatrical films presented to the big screen. In both "To Find a Man" and "The Poseidon Adventure", Pamela Sue Martin made more than a deep impression with her outwqard and lovable presence. television soon called, but her roots in big screendom were never forgotten, while she turned in "Torchlight" and "Flicks" in later days post-Dynasty. It's fair to say that some of us could use her in more odern films again. Simply, she is one of the best. ” - doorbomb62
Theresa Russell
Actress, Spider-Man 3
Theresa Russell, named one of the "100 sexiest stars in film history" (Empire Magazine), was born in San Diego, California. She was discovered by a photographer at the age of 12, and made her film debut in Elia Kazan's The Last Tycoon, opposite Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson and Robert Mitchum...
“ Though she was considerably out of place amongst some of her fellow film peers while in her film prime, Ms. Russell had an edge and fire about her that gave her the wit and charm needed for screen stardom. She was also, of course, talented and devoted to her craft. While I believe she wasn't as potent as other actresses of the time, she still shows a great and mighty force to this day, and that alone, is better than all the Anne Hathaways and Emily Blunts we see in mediocre films today. That alone deserves to be on the big screen in more than a one-scene role like in Spiderman 3 (yuk). I hope Ms. Russell shows up in something bigger and better right quick, and on the Big Screen. ” - doorbomb62
Margot Kidder
Actress, Superman
Margot Kidder was born Margaret Ruth Kidder in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, to Jocelyn Mary "Jill" (Wilson), a history teacher from British Columbia, and Kendall Kidder, a New Mexico-born mining engineer and explosives expert. Margot was a delightful child who took pride in everything she did...
“ Considered by many superfans to have been miscast, Margot Kidder will always be THE definitive Lois Lane. Her other films, however, are what really showed her to be one heck of a talent that still rules to this day, whether she knows so or not. "The Amityville Horror" comes to mind. more so, her turn in the odd-ball Disney comedy-thriller "Trenchcoat" also comes to mind. She displays all the energy and prowess that we love and desire to see. Beauty, brains, and one recognizable voice as husky and sexy as her sparkling eyes, Margot Kidder is simply recognizable and ought to be on the big screen with her former beach-house friends (ie- Susan Sarandon). Come back Margot! We miss you! ” - doorbomb62
“ Though seen mainly with the likes of Brian De Palma and his gang of friends, Jennifer Salt was as spunky and fascinating as they got. Whether it was in her moment to moment role in "Midnight Cowboy" or as writer Grace Collier in "Sisters", Jennifer Salt had an amazing gift to lure her audience to her side, and win them over with her determination and inner strength. Even though starring roles weren't as long as the co-starring roles, Jennifer salt remains a fun and fancy free soul who we still hope for another screen appearance from still. ” - doorbomb62
Brenda Vaccaro
A leading lady on screen, stage and sometimes television, Brenda Vaccaro, was born in Brooklyn but was actually raised in Dallas, Texas. Her appetite for acting increased following several appearances in high school productions, and she finally started a professional career in the 1960s. Memorable to many in Supergirl...
“ No one can deny the ultimate talents of this tough-stuff actress from New York! From the stage, to the screen, Brenda Vaccaro demanded attention from all over! She even has an oscar nod to her credit for her acclaimed turn in the film "Once Is Not Enough". She began to turn in wonderful performances in no time soon after. The revenge driven model in "Death Weekend" was certainly a touch for the spot. She also had a way with the big screen in more conformist titles of the time, such as "Airport 77". Drama is certainly no challenge for this remarkable actress, but comedy also proves to be a talent she can do better than most. The bubbly Florinda in "Zorro The Gay Blade" is most appealing and charming, and her scene stealng role of Bianca, side-kick to Faye Dunaway in Supergirl remains a favorite among fans. One thing's for sure, Ms. vaccaro is a leading lady of bigger proportions that we still love to see today. the big screen calls for talent like this, and with any luck, we will soon see it again! ” - doorbomb62
Stefanie Powers
Actress, Hart to Hart
Stefanie Powers, a graduate of Hollywood High, is a veteran of over 200 television appearances as well as the star of ABC's '80s hit Hart to Hart. At the early age of 15, Stefanie was signed to a movie deal with Columbia Pictures and labeled as one of the brightest up-and-coming stars in America...
“ Though TV was a more mainstay for this lovely woman from the days of flower power, Stephanie Powers certainly had a way about her on the big screen too. In Disneys "The Boatnicks", or alongside Tallulah Bankhead in "Die! Die! My Darling!" she proved a powerful command over audiences that is missed today. Like many others of her generation, she still manages credible roles on TV, but oh, how wonderful it would be if she made a big screen appearance again! ” - doorbomb62
Goldie Hawn
Actress, Overboard
Goldie Jeanne Hawn was born in Washington D.C., to Laura Hawn (née Steinhoff), a jewelry shop/dance school owner, and Rut Hawn (Edward Rutledge Hawn), a band musician. She has a sister, Patti Hawn, and a brother, Edward, who died before she was born. She was raised in the Jewish religion...
“ I hesitate to put someone as universally recognized as Goldie Hawn on this list, but seeing as she has not made any screen appearance of any kind in almost a decade, it's safe to say we need her on the big screen again soon! Her's is a presence that can never be matched, especially because of her unique characteristics that make her who she is onscreen, and build up the characters she creates. It's not hard to see why she has remained away from the screen these days. Quality work is hard to find, and audiences are craving stupid material by the second. That said, I only hope Goldie puts her producer hat back on, and develops something worth the 10.00 at the box office, and I hope she will star, along with other great women, some perhaps from this very list you are reading... ” - doorbomb62
Jacqueline Bisset
Actress, Bullitt
Jacqueline Bisset has been an international film star since the late 1960s. She received her first roles mainly because of her stunning beauty, but over time she has become a fine actress respected by fans and critics alike. Bisset has worked with directors John Huston, François Truffaut, George Cukor and Roman Polanski...
“ One of Europes best imports to the states...Ms. Bisset is one of the most elligent leading ladies from her generation, and it would seem by the standards she set, that major films would come a callin'. I hesitate to say, they haven't so as we might wish it. What happened to the way the such talents used to rule the screen is beyond me. Age should make no difference because these ladies are as good as meryl Streep and Sigourney Weaver, yet we don't see as much of them. All the same Jacqueline Bisset's outstanding ways are missed on the big screen, and we deserve to see them again someday. ” - doorbomb62
Diana Rigg
Dame Diana Rigg was born on July 20, 1938 in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England. She has had an extensive career in film and theatre, including playing the title role in "Medea", both in London and New York, for which she won the 1994 Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play. Rigg made her professional stage debut in 1957 in the Caucasian Chalk Circle...
“ As wise as she is talented, Dame Diana Rigg deserves to see the silver screen again, and quickly! An award winning actress of unending proportions, we deserve her as a blessing from time to time, and sadly, films aren't getting any better for the mature woman in the industry. Only Dames like Ms. Diana can keep it going as long as she has. We want more...give us more! ” - doorbomb62
JoBeth Williams
Actress, Poltergeist
The product of a musical family, Margaret JoBeth Williams was born in Houston, Texas, to Frances Faye (Adams), a dietitian, and Fredric Roger Williams, a wire/cable company manager and opera singer. Her father encouraged her early interest in theater during high school. She made her professional debut at age 18 in a Houston-based musical production...
“ A soul of endless talents, Jobeth Williams touched our hearts in the "Poltergeist" films, and continued to inject us with more hope & positivity thereafter. Why we don't see much from her anymore is completely ridiculous! Of all people, Jobeth Williams has got to be one of the most recognizable actresses around. If you don't know her name, you definitly know her face in these days. If there was ever an actress who deserved recognition more than anyone else for her efforts, it's Jobeth Williams, and we for fans deserve more of her on the big screen again someday! ” - doorbomb62
Ashley Laurence
Actress, Hellraiser
Ashley Laurence is an American film and television actress, noted for her appearances in horror films, particularly the "Hellraiser" series. She grew up in the cultural excitement of Southern California. Encouraged to explore every artistic avenue available to her, she soon found her love for acting was equaled by her passion for painting...
“ the "Hellraiser" films are the only thing we have to see for this lovely maiden of horror as far as theatrics go. Ashley Laurence has WAY TOO MUCH TALENT than just two iconic films. Don't get me wrong, icon is exactly what she has become to her many plethora of fans, but an appearance on the big screen is needed. Even if just in another horror film, at least one with wide distribution and a stellar cast. Nothing direct-to-dvd like she has unfortunately fallen into in the past 10 or so years. This mighty talent needs something real. She deserves more than most other actresses on this list. She was short-changed on the merry-go-round! They cheated her! Perhaps there will be something more soon. Time will tell, but I telling to you now, Ashley Laurence deserves to be on the big screen again, and that's the truth users! ” - doorbomb62
Jessica Harper
Actress, Suspiria
American actress-author-composer Jessica Harper was born on October 10, 1949 in Chicago, Illinois, to Eleanor (Emery), a writer, and Paul Church Harper, Jr., a painter who was chairman of the Needham Harper Worldwide advertising agency in NY. Jessica launched her professional acting career soon after graduating from Sarah Lawrence...
“ Suzie Banion from "Suspiria", and Phoenix from "Phantom of the Paradise" among the later in "Stardust Memories" and "Pennies from Heaven", it's no wonder we loved Ms. harper and her sweet singing sensation May we be blessed with another big screen appearance yet. Her warm and sweet natured appeal are devastatingly missed, and desired once more. ” - doorbomb62
Brooke Adams
Born in New York City, Brooke began acting at age 6 in her father's summer theatre in Michigan. Her stage credits include The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway, Key Exchange at the Orpheum, Split at The Second Stage, The Old Neighborhood at A.R.T. If Memory Servesat the Pasadena Playhouse, The Philanderer at Yale Rep...
“ Brooke Adams certainly "Invaded" our hearts as Elizabeth Driscoll in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers '78" giving us a beautiful and smart heroine to root for. Yep...those were the "Days's of Heaven" for sure, and we outta see some of those again. ” - doorbomb62
Linda Blair
Actress, The Exorcist
From the age of five, Linda Blair had to get used to the spotlight, first as a child model and then as an actress, when out of 600 applicants she was picked for the role of Regan, the possessed child, in The Exorcist. Linda quickly rose to international fame, won the Golden Globe, and seemed to be set to take the Academy Award for that role...
“ If ever there was an exorcist to cast great talent back into the big screens, we need him right now! Linda Blair proves petite can be powerful, even in her later work such as "Chained Heat" and "Savage Streets". Whatever the film, Ms. Blair delivers in top form. How about a comedic turn in "Repossessed"? PLZ come back soon. We'd love to see ya again. ” - doorbomb62
Ally Sheedy
Ally Sheedy was born in New York City, to Charlotte (Baum), a press agent and writer, and John J. Sheedy, Jr., an advertising executive. She is of Russian Jewish (mother) and Irish (father) descent. While at New York's Bank Street School, 12-year-old Ally Sheedy wrote about a mythical encounter between Queen Elizabeth I and an inquisitive mouse...
“ Whether it was a good-hearted silent classmate in "The Breakfast Club", or fighting with Matthew Broderick in "WarGames", one thing is for sure...Ally's circuit was NOT 'Short' by any means. She has managed to outlast the norm of her generation by far, putting out St Elmo's Fires, but has done so in more modest smaller projects. Sure, it pays the sole more, but there can still be plenty of good fortune and soul food somewhere therein. Care to have another one for the screens? We know your heart is still lively and youthful! We love you Ally! ” - doorbomb62
Barbara Harris
Barbara Harris began acting while still a teenager in Chicago, playing small parts in the Playwrights Theatre Club (whose other players included such youngsters as Edward Asner, Mike Nichols and Elaine May). She was also in "The Compass Players", the first ongoing improvisational theater troupe in America...
“ Now HOW could we have let this excellent gem of a talent disappear? She got real freaky on the iconic Friday, and sang the new generation supreme in Nashville, plus she solved a LOT of family relations in a plot too complicated for simple minds. One thing that is simple enough, Barbara Harris deserves to be endured on the Silver Screen at least one more time... ” - doorbomb62
“ Precocious, and said to be reckless, Lysette Anthony was involved with Husbands and Wives, turned a Switch, got to Look who was talking Now, and was Lucy Westenra, dead and loving it! With unmistakable poise and fun wit that could outshine those baby blues, this English rose of a gem has been sorely missed BIG time! Neither Advocates nor Dark Shadows could keep this firecracker down! Let's have another big screen look...shall we? ” - doorbomb62
“ A very recognizable talent, this so-called mom from many a motion picture in the 90s originally took the 'high road' to success in the early 80s, appearing in a string of television films before leaping high into blockbusters including "High Road to China", "Jaws 3-D" and "Nothing in Common". Later seen in television, this notable actress can still lead on with presence and direction. Lets have a Second Sight run on the big screen...and fast! ” - doorbomb62
Catherine Mary Stewart
Catherine Mary Stewart's career has spanned more than 30 years and over 50 different productions, from film to television to theater, in England, Canada and the United States. She was living in London studying dance, acting and singing when she was cast in her first professional acting role as the lead in the rock musical The Apple...
“ With a roller coaster of a career, Ms. Stewart is certainly the APPLE of her fans eyes! Originally a dancer studying in Europe, Catherine Mary Stewart was made a star in no time with her undeniable talent, and striking looks! Lately seen on television and smaller projects, there is still more to be desired, and we fans deserve some more screen SPEED as only this beautiful spirit can give us! ” - doorbomb62