Mejores Galanes del Cine/Telenovelas

hace falta algunas fotos, pero bue, estos son los mejores actores latinos de cine y de las telenovelas
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“ Plata Quemada
Caballos Salvajes ” - lavidacatalina
“ Valientes
Malparida ” - lavidacatalina
“ Cuidado con el Angel
Triunfo del Amor ” - lavidacatalina
Gael García Bernal
Gael García Bernal was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, to Patricia Bernal, an actress and model, and José Ángel García, an actor and director. His stepfather is cinematographer Sergio Yazbek. García Bernal began his acting career as a child, working with his parents in a variety of plays. When he was fourteen...
“ Diarios de Motocicleta
Amores Perros
Mala Educacion
Y tu mama tambien ” - lavidacatalina
Diego Luna
Actor, Rogue One
Diego Luna Alexander was born on December 29, 1979 in Mexico City, Mexico, to Alejandro Luna and Fiona Alexander, who worked as a costume designer. His father is Mexican and his mother was British, of Scottish and English descent. His mother died when Diego was only two, in a car accident. He soon became immersed in his father's passion...
“ Y tu mama tambien
rudo y cursi ” - lavidacatalina
Eduardo Noriega
Eduardo Noriega Gómez was born in Santander, Cantabria, Spain. The youngest of 7 siblings, he had shown a very big talent for artistic activities since he was a child. He began taking piano lessons and got into the Santander Music Conservatory, where he studied for five years. His music professors discovered that he had many conditions for playing piano...
“ Plata Quemada
El espinazo del diablo ” - lavidacatalina
“ Diarios de Motocicleta
Cronica de una fuga
Contra las cuerdas ” - lavidacatalina
“ La mujer de mi hermano ” - lavidacatalina
“ Aurora
Donde esta elisa?
mas sabe el diablo ” - lavidacatalina
Mauricio Ochmann
Mauricio Ochmann was born in Celeya, Guanajuato, Mexico. He began acting at age 16, and later enrolled as a student at the Joanne Baron acting studio in Los Angeles,CA. His first professional role in the United States was in the movie Message in a Bottle, and then he starred in several international projects...
“ el clon
azul tequila
victorinos ” - lavidacatalina
“ mas sabe el diablo ” - lavidacatalina
“ Triunfo del amor
Fuego en la Sangre ” - lavidacatalina
“ Rubí ” - lavidacatalina
“ Fuego en la Sangre
Corazón Salvaje ” - lavidacatalina
“ Epitafios
El Oso Rojo
Tratáme Bien ” - lavidacatalina
Alfonso Herrera
Alfonso (Poncho) Herrera was born in August 28th of 1983 in Monterrey, Mexico. He is a Mexican actor and singer known primarily for performances in Mexican telenovelas. He is also a member of the telenovela-derived music group RBD. As a kid, Alfonso, or Poncho as his friends call him, dreamed of becoming a pilot and wanted to move to San Antonio...
“ Rebelde
Mujeres Asesinas
Clase 406 ” - lavidacatalina