Best supporting actor of 1957 (no order)

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“ for "Seventh seal" ” - salvadoras
Niall MacGinnis
Actor, Hamlet
Niall MacGinnis is not as well known outside of Europe, but he was a wonderful character actor whose variety of roles matched his great gift for characterization and the look beyond just makeup that he projected. He was educated at Stonyhurst College and Trinity College, Dublin. He obtained a basic...
“ for "Night of the demon" ” - salvadoras
Vasiliy Merkurev
Vasili Vasilyevich Merkuryev was born on April 6, 1904, in Ostrov, Pskov province, Russia. He was the youngest of seven children in the family. His father, named Vasili Ilyich Merkuryev, was a grocer in the city of Ostrov, near Pskov. His mother, named Anna Ilyinichna, was a German immigrant. Young Merkuryev began his acting career in 1920...
“ for "Cranes are flying" ” - salvadoras
“ for "Horse and carriage"
*This film is of 1957. ” - salvadoras
“ for "A king in New York" ” - salvadoras