Best Metal/Rock Vocalists

A list of my favorite (and according to me, the best) Metal and Rock Vocalists of all times. \m/
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“ Lead vocalist of the British Heavy Metal band "Iron Maiden" ” - disboyrulez
James Hetfield
Soundtrack, Zombieland
His parents were divorced, and at a young age, he lost his mother to cancer. He grew up hunting, playing guitar, and was an ordinary quiet kid. Lars Ulrich put out an ad in 1981 in a newspaper asking somebody to jam out and listen to rock music with him and he replied. Lars and James hooked up, and started the band, Metallica.
“ Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist of the American Thrash/Heavy Metal band "Metallica" ” - disboyrulez
Till Lindemann
Self, xXx
Till Lindemann is a German musician, actor and poet. He is the lead singer of the German band Rammstein. Till Lindemann was born in Leipzig, East Germany, but he grew up in the village of Wendisch-Rambow near Schwerin (in East Germany). His father was famous children's poet Werner Lindemann and his mother...
“ Lead Vocalist of the German Industrial Metal band "Rammstein" ” - disboyrulez
Kurt Cobain
Soundtrack, Moulin Rouge!
Kurt Cobain was born on February 20 1967, in Aberdeen, Washington. Kurt and his family lived in Hoquiam for the first few months of his life then later moved back to Aberdeen, where he had a happy childhood until his parents divorced. The divorce left Kurt's outlook on the world forever scarred. He became withdrawn and anti-social...
“ Lead Vocalist and Guitarist of the American Grunge band "Nirvana" ” - disboyrulez
“ Lead Vocalist of the Armenian-American Alternative/Nu/Progressive Metal band "System Of A Down" ” - disboyrulez
“ Lead Vocalist and Guitarist of the American Thrash Metal band "Megadeth" ” - disboyrulez
Robert Plant
Prior to Hobbstweedle (a pickup blues band formed to honour a gig at West Midlands College Of Education) Robert was the frontman for The Band of Joy - featuring Percy, John Bonham, Paul Lockey (bass), Chris Brown (keyboards) and Kevyn Gammond (guitar). The BOJ were on verge of making a record deal when they split a little acrinmoniously...
“ Lead Vocalist of the British Rock/Hard Rock band "Led Zeppelin" ” - disboyrulez
Ozzy Osbourne
Soundtrack, This Is the End
Born in Birmingham, England, after leaving school and having many odd jobs he ended up in a band with Geezer Butler. This group then split leading Ozzy and Geezer to join Tony Iommi and Bill Ward in a new band that went under several names (including Earth) that ended up being called Black Sabbath after a song of the same name that appeared on their first album (released 1969/70)...
“ Lead Vocalist of the British Heavy Metal band "Black Sabbath" and his solo project "Ozzy Osbourne" ” - disboyrulez
Paul Stanley
Soundtrack, Moulin Rouge!
Paul Stanley is the charismatic front man/lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist/songwriter for hard rock super group KISS, best known for his wailing vocals, high-energy on-stage antics and appeal to female fans. Born Stanley Eisen on January 20, 1952, in Queens, New York, Stanley took a keen interest in music from a young age...
“ Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist of the American Hard Rock/Glam Metal band "Kiss" ” - disboyrulez
“ Lead Vocalist and Lead Guitarist of the Finnish Heavy/Melodic Death Metal band "Children Of Bodom" ” - disboyrulez
“ Lead Vocalist of the British Extreme Metal band "Cradle Of Filth" ” - disboyrulez
“ Lead Vocalist Of The Australian Rock n Roll band "AC/DC" ” - disboyrulez
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Howsmon Davis was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. He recorded demos in his father's studio during his teenage years. Then he later joined a band called Sex Art, which also included Ryan Shuck (now he is the guitarist for Orgy). Sex Art only ever released one song...
“ Lead Vocalist of the American Nu Metal band "Korn" ” - disboyrulez
Blaze Bayley
Soundtrack, Large
“ Lead Vocalist of the British Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band "Wolfsbane" (1984 to 1994), of British Heavy Metal band "Iron Maiden" (1994 to 1999) and of his self-titled band. ” - disboyrulez
Ronnie James Dio
How many rock stars can brag about recording and touring consistently in six different decades? That's just one of the many claims to fame enjoyed by Ronnie James Dio. Born on July 10, 1942, this Cortland, New York native began his recording career back in 1958. Even back then, the seeds of Ronnie James Dio's future musical excesses had already been sown...
“ Lead Vocalist of British Hard Rock band "Rainbow", of British Heavy Metal band "Black Sabbath" and of American Heavy Metal band "Dio" ” - disboyrulez
Joey Tempest
Soundtrack, Pitch Perfect
Joey Tempest is world-known as the lead-singer and frontman of the mega successful hardrock band EUROPE. Starting his career in 1979 together with John Norum, Tempest achieved a nationwide success in Sweden in 1982 by recording the eponymous first album "Europe". The 1984 album Wings Of Tomorrow enabled Europe to tour the whole Scandinavia...
“ Lead Vocalist of the Swedish Hard Rock band "Europe" ” - disboyrulez
Lou Gramm
Soundtrack, The Lost Boys
“ Lead Vocalist of the British-American Rock/Hard Rock band "Foreigner" ” - disboyrulez
“ Lead Vocalist of the British Heavy Metal band "Judas Priest" ” - disboyrulez
Thanks, Lemmy
“ Lead Vocalist and Bassist of the British Heavy/Speed Metal band "Motorhead" ” - disboyrulez
Ian Gillan
Soundtrack, Rain Man
Former vocalist for the Javelins and Episode Six, Ian Gillan joined Deep Purple in 1969. They recorded the legendary albums "Deep Purple In Rock", "Fireball", "Machine Head" and "Who Do We Think We Are", as well as a number of live albums. He left Deep Purple in 1973 due to differences with guitarist 'Ritchie Blackmore'...
“ Lead Vocalist of the British Hard Rock band "Deep Purple" ” - disboyrulez
Scott Stapp
Soundtrack, 22 Jump Street
Scott was born Anthony Scott Flippen. Desperate to seek freedom from a strict religious life, he sneaked out of his home in the dead of night. He went to a friend's house and stayed for a month before returning home. When punished as a child, Scott would be forced to copy the Bible. Later, he tried to impress his dad by attending Lee University in Tennessee...
“ Lead Vocalist of the American Post-Grunge/Alternative Metal band "Creed" ” - disboyrulez
Mark Knopfler
Soundtrack, Twister
Mark Knopfler recorded his first single at age 16, but it was never released, He started the band Dire Straits in 1977, they were signed to Vertigo Records in 1978 and recorded the album "Dire Straits", which featured their first major hit single, "Sultans of Swing". Their follow-up albums include "Communique" (1979)...
“ Lead Vocalist and Lead Guitarist of the British Rock band "Dire Straits" ” - disboyrulez
David Gilmour
Soundtrack, The Departed
David Jon Gilmour was born on 6th March, 1946, in Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge. As the lead guitarist of Pink Floyd, he is by many considered one of the most influential guitarists on the rock stage. Right up to "The Dark Side of The Moon", Dave wrote his own songs, but from then up to "The Final Cut"...
“ Lead Vocalist and Lead Guitarist of the British Progressive/Psychedelic Rock band "Pink Floyd" ” - disboyrulez
Sully Erna
Sully Erna, best known as singer and main songwriter of acclaimed rock band Godsmack was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts. He has been a musician since the tender age of 3 years old, where he began his musical journey as a drummer. Already a proven commodity as the frontman of one of today's most powerful rock bands...
“ Lead Vocalist of the American Heavy/Alternative Metal band "Godsmack" ” - disboyrulez
“ Lead Vocalist of the American Hard Rock band "Aerosmith" ” - disboyrulez
“ Lead Vocalist of the American Progressive Metal band "Dream Theater" ” - disboyrulez
Barry Hay
Soundtrack, Baby Driver
“ Lead Vocalist of the Dutch Progressive/Hard Rock band "Golden Earring" ” - disboyrulez
Jesper Binzer
Jesper was born in Copenhagen in 1965. He and his brother Jacob aka Cobber, both had a great interest in music. They grew up both in the rising Rock'n'Roll culture in Copenhagen in the mid/late 70s and 80s. Together with Stig Pedersen and Peter L. Jensen they formed the band "Disneyland After Dark" in 1982...
“ Lead Vocalist of the Danish Hard Rock band "D-A-D" ” - disboyrulez
“ Lead Vocalist of the Danish Heavy Metal band "King Diamond" ” - disboyrulez
Phil Lynott
Soundtrack, Rush
“ Lead Vocalist and Bassist of the Irish Hard Rock band "Thin Lizzy" ” - disboyrulez