Conservative Hollywood Actors

The next time some conservative gets angry at Hollywood actors being all political like Sean Penn or Susan Sarandon remind them of these Hollywood actors getting involved in conservative politics. I'm listing them in reverse order, so as we count up the list we count down to the actor most involved in conservative politics.
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John Wayne
John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison in Iowa, to Mary Alberta (Brown) and Clyde Leonard Morrison, a pharmacist. He was of English, Ulster-Scots, and Irish ancestry. Clyde developed a lung condition that required him to move his family from Iowa to the warmer climate of southern California, where they tried ranching in the Mojave Desert...
“ He is the icon of the all American hero with traditional values and true grit. He made anti-communist films at the same time as HUAC was investigating Hollywood. He was the biggest Vietnam Hawk in the country and made a movie to promote the war, "The Green Berets." ” - SweetHotAngel
“ Back in the day he made liberal films like Conrack and Coming Home and the Revolutionary. His daughter is a liberal activist. But he's a big conservative. His becoming so seems to have occurred about the same time he switched from playing heroes to villains. ” - SweetHotAngel
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is familiar to fans worldwide as the star of action films such as The Hitman, The Delta Force and Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection. He also starred in Missing in Action and its sequels, Firewalker and Sidekicks. He was an executive producer of Walker, Texas Ranger as well as the star. Chuck Norris was born in Ryan...
“ He played a Texas Ranger and now's he an honorary one. He is a big advocate for conservative causes, but he seems to limit that to standing on stage behind Republican candidates silently endorsing them. ” - SweetHotAngel
Kelsey Grammer
Actor, Cheers
A six-time Emmy Award winner, Kelsey Grammer was born in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, to Sally (Cranmer), a singer, and Frank Allen Grammer, Jr., a musician and restaurateur. He was raised in New Jersey and Florida. Grammer was drawn to the works of William Shakespeare and spent two years at the prestigious Juilliard School...
“ So far he's limited his involvement in conservative politics to campaigning for conservatives, but he's been pretty clear he intends someday to enter politics himself. ” - SweetHotAngel
“ He's more a Libertarian than a mainstream Conservative, but he seems to be the ubiquitous go to guy for commentary on drowning government in the bathtub. ” - SweetHotAngel
Ted Nugent
Soundtrack, Superbad
“ I've included him because he has done some acting, even though he's more a musician than an actor. He's another Libertarian, but he sure loves to show up at Tea Party rallies. Plus he's a busy activist for gun rights and hunting, especially hunting. ” - SweetHotAngel
“ This Saturday Night Live Weekend Update actor went on to host an anti-Daily Show where he emceed a bunch of comedians complaining about things from a conservative point of view. ” - SweetHotAngel
“ Another Saturday Night Live Weekend Update actor who turned out to be a big conservative. He became a big spokesman for all things conservative after 9-11 and ended up as a talk show host. ” - SweetHotAngel
Ben Stein
Ben Stein (Benjamin J. Stein) was born on Nov. 25, 1944 in Washington, D.C. The son of noted economist and writer Herbert Stein, he grew up in Silver Spring, Md., and attended Montgomery Blair High School. Some of his classmates included journalist Carl Bernstein, and actors Goldie Hawn and Sylvester Stallone...
“ This dry wit is actually a former speech writer for Nixon and Ford who then became an actor. He is a lawyer and extremely intelligent, which is why he had a game show where folk tried to see if they could match his knowledge. He is another one who shows up constantly as a pundit. ” - SweetHotAngel
“ Even when he was a rock star in the 60s he really was a conservative. He looked like a hippy with his long hair and fur vests, but he was an anti-drug activist and made a film to be shown in all the high schools. Then he became mayor of Palm Springs to insure businesses did well, then he ran for Congress and was a Republican up and coming star until his tragic death. ” - SweetHotAngel
Clint Eastwood
Perhaps the icon of macho movie stars, and a living legend, Clint Eastwood has become a standard in international cinema. Born May 31, 1930 in San Francisco, the elder of two children in a middle-class family, Eastwood stayed in high school until the comparatively late age of nineteen and worked menial jobs over a period of several years before enrolling at Los Angeles City College...
“ Another Libertarian. His involvement in politics was local as he was mayor of Carmel. He is a true Libertarian who sometimes finds more common cause with liberals than conservatives. ” - SweetHotAngel
Arnold Schwarzenegger
With an almost unpronounceable surname and a thick Austrian accent, who would have ever believed that a brash, quick talking bodybuilder from a small European village would become one of Hollywood's biggest stars, marry into the prestigious Kennedy family, amass a fortune via shrewd investments and one day be the Governor of California!...
“ The Governator told us in a speech at a GOP national Convention that he listened to Richard Nixon give a speech right after he came to America and knew that the political philosophy of Nixon was what he believed. He's probably the biggest star ever to go into politics on the Conservative side. ” - SweetHotAngel
“ Thompson was an attorney involved in politics, working for elected officials and moving up the political chain towards his own elected office when he got the acting bug and left politics. Then he made movies playing conservative types. Then he went back into politics and became a conservative icon as a Senator. Then he left politics and became a TV actor playing a conservative D.A. on Law & Order. Then he returned to politics and ran for President. Then he went back to acting. Then he became a political talk show host. What's next? ” - SweetHotAngel
Charlton Heston
Actor, Ben-Hur
With features chiseled in stone, and renowned for playing a long list of historical figures, particularly in Biblical epics, the tall, well built and ruggedly handsome Charlton Heston was one of Hollywood's greatest leading men and remained active in front of movie cameras for over sixty years. As a Hollywood star...
“ Moses himself! He was very involved in conservative politics, but his passion was gun rights and he became the president of the N.R.A. and a powerful spokesman for that cause. ” - SweetHotAngel
Ronald Reagan
Production Manager, General Electric Theater
Ronald Reagan had quite a prolific career, having catapulted from a Warner Bros. contract player and television star, into serving as president of the Screen Actors Guild, the governorship of California (1967-1975), and lastly, two terms as President of the United States (1981-1989). Ronald Wilson Reagan was born in Tampico...
“ Who else would be the number one Hollywood actor to get involved in conservative politics. His career as Governor of California, President, elder statesman of the Right has so eclipsed his earlier life as an actor that people who complain about Hollywood actors probably have forgotten he was one. ” - SweetHotAngel