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1 Pack Strap Swallow (2005 TV documentary)

This documentary follows the lives of American and European women who were drug mules and are now imprisoned in Ecuador.

7.5/10 72
2 Banaz: A Love Story (2012 documentary)

This is a documentary film chronicling the brutal Honour Killing of Banaz Mahmod, a young British Kurdish woman in London, killed by her own family for choosing a life for herself.

8.1/10 51
3 Sea Spiders (1932 documentary short)

A look at the everyay life of Tahitian natives.

5.3/10 32
4 Jag minns Lena Svedberg (2000 documentary short)

The tragic story of the Swedish artist Lena Swedberg.

7.1/10 29
5 Lotat (1995 documentary) 5.9/10 11
6 2000 (1999 documentary short)

40 people meet. 20 pairs. Each pair is a total of 100 years old. A one-year-old and a ninety-nine-year-old; a two-year-old and a ninety-eight-year-old; and so on and so forth. 2000 years of life.

5.8/10 6
7 Hylje (2005 documentary short)

When there is no one to accompany you to a hospital but a plastic toy seal clutched in your fist, you are pretty alone in the world.

8 Tahtoisin olla kuningatar (1947 documentary short)
9 Lilli (2007 documentary short)
10 Magda, milosc i rak (2009 documentary)

10 titles

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