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1 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

Upon admittance to a mental institution, a brash rebel rallies the patients to take on the oppressive head nurse.

8.8/10 512,956
2 Quills (2000)

In a Napoleonic era insane asylum, an inmate, the irrepressible Marquis De Sade, fights a battle of wills against a tyrannically prudish doctor.

7.4/10 39,701
3 The Skulls (2000)

Luke McNamara, a college senior from a working class background joins a secret elitist college fraternity organization called "The Skulls"...

5.5/10 23,671
4 Evil Angels (1988)

A mother, whose child was killed in a Dingo attack in outback Northern Territory, Australia, fights to prove her innocence.

6.9/10 5,543
5 Fingersmith (2005 TV mini-series)

Susan "Sue" Trinder is a fingersmith (British slang for thief) who lives in the slums of London with...

8.0/10 4,820
6 Frances (1982)

The true story of Frances Farmer's meteoric rise to fame in Hollywood and the tragic turn her life took when she was blacklisted.

7.4/10 4,476
7 Kings Row (1942)

The dark side and hypocrisy of provincial American life is seen through the eyes of five children as they grow to adulthood at the turn-of-the-century.

7.8/10 2,522
8 Tagebuch einer Verlorenen (1929)

Thymiane is a beautiful young girl who is not having a storybook life. Her governess, Elizabeth, is thrown out of her home when she is pregnant...

"   2,297
9 Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment (1966)

After his wife leaves him for another man, a London artist begins his descent into madness in trying to win her back.

7.0/10 1,104
10 Il maestro e Margherita (1972)

The Master and Margaret (1972) is based on the eponymous book by Mikhail A. Bulgakov. The film is set in the Soviet Union under Stalin...

6.5/10 288
11 Yara (1998) 7.1/10 157
12 Dancing in the Dark (1995 TV movie) 5.9/10 147
13 NewsRadio (1995 TV series)
Episode: Our Fiftieth Episode
8.0/10 63
14 Tie naisen sydämeen (1996) 6.0/10 29

14 titles

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