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1 Paperman (2012 short)

An urban office worker finds that paper airplanes are instrumental in meeting a girl in ways he never expected.

8.3/10 15,842
2 The Life & Times of Tim (2008 TV series) 8.1/10 4,599
3 Dilbert (1999 TV series)

Cubicle denizen Dilbert toils away at Path-E-Tech which makes undefined products. The focus is on his survival amongst a moronic boss, hostile co-workers and his malevolent pet, Dogbert.

7.3/10 4,460
4 The Real Ghost Busters (1986 TV series)

The continuing adventures of the staff of the ghost removal service.

7.7/10 3,675
5 Odd Job Jack (2003 TV series)

Odd Job Jack is an animated comedy about one guy's misadventures in temporary employment and his quest to get a full-time life...

5.6/10 144
6 Zhil-byl Kozyavin (1966 short)

Kozyavin is ordered by his boss one day to find a man named Sidorov, and is pointed in a particular direction. The employee follows the indicated direction unswervingly to find him, encountering various obstacles along the way.

7.2/10 110
7 Yôjû kyôshitsu gakuen (1990 video) 6.1/10 82

7 titles

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