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1 Iron Jawed Angels (2004 TV movie)

Defiant young activists take the women's suffrage movement by storm, putting their lives at risk to help American women win the right to vote.

7.7/10 4,150
2 Great Performances (1971 TV series)
Episode: A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia

Lawrence and Feisal go to argue for Arab independence at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference.

7.1/10 339
3 The Wet Parade (1932)

The evils of alcohol before and during prohibition become evident as we see its effects on the rich Chilcote family.

6.5/10 206
4 Turn Back the Clock (1933)

Joe and Mary run a tobacco store and are just scraping by. When old friend Ted comes into the store...

7.0/10 161
5 The Conquerors (1932)

A newlywed couple journeys west to make their fortune, and begins a banking empire.

6.4/10 151
6 Paris 1919: Un traité pour la paix (2009 TV documentary)

A film about the Paris Peace Conference that negotiated the end of World War I with the Versailles Treaty.

7.2/10 90
7 I Am an American (1944 short)

A hypothetical married Polish couple arrives in New York in the early 1840's and walks to Ohio where they settle and prosper and raise children...

6.1/10 63
8 Born to Gamble (1935)

A wealthy man relates how gambling had tragic consequences for his family.

5.8/10 26
9 On the Jump (1918)
10 The Prussian Cur (1918)
11 Boots (1919)
12 Freedom to Speak (1982 TV mini-series)

12 titles

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