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1 The Curious Puppy (1939 short)

While pursuing a little dog who's wandered into an amusement park at night, the park's watchdog accidentally switches on the power to all the rides and attractions, bewildering the pair of canines.

6.1/10 61
2 Chilly Willy (1953 short)

A schooner anchors at the South Pole, and the skipper goes ashore and leaves the ship's mascot, a St...

6.8/10 58
3 Zero the Hero (1954 short)

Zero the Dog, already a failure as a bloodhound or a retriever, is just as bad as a watchdog, and is frightened when a burglar appears...

6.1/10 14
4 Fido Beta Kappa (1954 short)

A duck hunter sends his stupid mutt to dog college, and he comes back superciliously clever.

6.0/10 12
5 Movie Madness (1951 short)

The talking magpies, Heckel and Jeckle, crash a movie studio driving a papier-mache limousine, and have...

5.0/10 6
6 Ah! Quel plaisir d'avoir un chien! (1911 short)

6 titles

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