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1 Die Now or Live Forever (2009 short)

On a boring Halloween night alone, teenager Michael Sphenson and his two best friends, Greg and Dave, make an adolescent bet that throws the night into blood-sucking terror.

8.5/10 46
2 Red Velvet Girls (2005 short) 6.9/10 44
3 Upiór (1967 TV short) 7.2/10 17
4 Vampires in Vienna (2009 short)

A group of Vampires has occupied Vienna and only the clumsy Vampire Hunter Robert and his girlfriend Pia can save the city.

8.1/10 "  
5 Lækre til vi dør (2013 short)

YOLO is a dark universe of adolescence, sex and friendship. Coming-of-age drama with a brightly colored vision echoing pop...

6.7/10 15
6 Ab Aeterno (2010 short)

Shot in 4 days, Ab Aeterno is a short film between music video and fiction. William's a vampire with...

5.0/10 7
7 O Estripador da Rua Augusta (2014 short)

A beautiful vampire-girl works as a prostitute on the famous Augusta Street (in São Paulo, Brazil), because it's an easy way to get food...

7 titles

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