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1 Last Holiday (1950)

When a lonely, unappreciated farm equipment salesman discovers he has only weeks to live, he withdraws his savings for a final holiday at a 'posh' resort.

7.8/10 809
2 The Colt (2005 TV movie)

During the heat of battle in the midst of the Civil War, a beguilingly innocent colt is born to Union Jim Rabb's beloved mare...

6.9/10 360
3 As Goes Janesville (2012 documentary)

First General Motors shuts down their century-old plant in Janesville, Wisconsin. The the state blows...

"   21
4 The Right to Strike (1923)

A Bolshevik incites miners to strike, causing the death of the son of a doctor, who then strikes against the miners.

4 titles

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