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1 Talk to Me (2007)

The story of Washington D.C. radio personality Ralph "Petey" Greene, an ex-con who became a popular talk show host and community activist in the 1960s.

7.4/10 7,842
2 Crash Dive (1943)

A submarine lieutenant and his commander fall in love with the same girl.

6.5/10 728
3 Task Force (1949)

As he is retiring, Jonathon Scott reminisces about his long Navy career and the development of the role of the aircraft carrier from the early 20s.

6.7/10 602
4 Mission to Moscow (1943)

Ambassador Joseph Davies is sent by FDR to Russia to learn about the Soviet system and returns to America as an advocate of Stalinism.

5.4/10 583
5 The Navy Comes Through (1942)

A U.S. Navy crew aboard a merchant marine ship battle Nazis.

6.2/10 186
6 Espionage Agent (1939)

When Barry Corvall discovers that his new bride is a possible enemy agent, he resigns from the diplomatic...

5.9/10 166
7 Beyond the Line of Duty (1942 short)

Narrated by Ronald Reagan, this Warner Brothers short in support of the war effort focuses on the exploits of Army Air Corps Captain Hewett T...

5.6/10 158
8 Pacific Rendezvous (1942)

Anxious to see some naval action in the Pacific during WWII, Lt. Bill Gordon makes the mistake of telling his new girlfriend...

"   85
9 Ode to Victory (1943 short)

This short uses a musical suite to show Americans what they are fighting for in World War II. As an...

5.0/10 22

9 titles

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