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1 Eastern Promises (2007)

A Russian teenager living in London who dies during childbirth leaves clues to a midwife in her journal that could tie her child to a rape involving a violent Russian mob family.

7.7/10 163,706
2 Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

An illegal Nigerian immigrant discovers the unpalatable side of London life.

7.4/10 30,085
3 Chiko (2008)

Loyalty between two friends is stretched to its limit by one's deception.

6.9/10 2,243
4 Musallat (2007)

The story of a young couple haunted by mysterious forces and there looks to be a heavy possession element as well. The calm life of Suat and Nurcan is broken when they begin to be scared by supernatural creatures.

6.0/10 2,163
5 Fasulye (2000)

The duty of taking the tax return forms of the villagers to the big city is assigned to a naive young guy...

7.4/10 1,572
6 Otobüs (1976) 7.7/10 760
7 Wut (2006 TV movie)

Züli Aladag's critically acclaimed, but controversial movie deals with the conflict of Can, son of Turkish immigrants...

7.0/10 582
8 Prison Heat (1993)

Four American babes on vacation in the Middle East run into trouble when they are imprisoned by corrupt army officials.

3.2/10 414
9 Comme un poisson hors de l'eau (1999) 6.0/10 374
10 The Black Widow (1947)

The Daily Clarion hires detective story writer Steve Colt to investigate the deaths of a group of scientists...

"   308
11 Die Distel (1992) 6.2/10 19
12 Yakut gözlü kedi (1966) 6.1/10 14

12 titles

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