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1 Trick or Treat (1952 short)

After Donald plays a cruel Halloween prank on his nephews, the 3 team-up with a witch and her broom to teach him a lesson about 'tricks and treats.'

7.1/10 459
2 Trick 'R Treat: The Lore and Legends of Halloween (2009 video short) 7.0/10 160
3 Trick (2010 short)

A boy with dreams of candy is visited the night before Halloween by a demon with unknown intentions.

8.0/10 26
4 Treat or Eat (2010 short)

After being told a story about a child eater who eats kids on Halloween, Katy is afraid that her first time trick-r-treating might also be her last.

7.9/10 7
5 L'Halloween de Monsieur Simard (2009 short)

It's Halloween and Mr. Simard is ready to give candies. But the evening is disturbed by an aggressive telephone, two threatening thieves, three rascal kids, a mournful photo and a treacherous candy.

8.4/10 5
6 October Games (2001 short)

On Halloween evening in a misty town a disturbed man recounts a violent incident from a few years earlier which had started out as an innocent childhood game.

7 Trick or Treat (2012 short)

During a Halloween party, one uninvited guest shows everyone just how deadly the party can be.

8 Pumpkin Tales (2013 short)

Pumpkin Tales tells the story of El as she connects with the online community by telling four Halloween tales of revenge, witchcraft, troublesome trick or treaters and ghosts.

9 Halloween Night Terror (2012 short)

In this newest fan film installment, the mythos of cinema's infamous boogeyman, Michael Myers, expands and proves that On All Hallow's Eve...

9 titles

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