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1 Byzantium: The Lost Empire (1997 TV series documentary)

John Romer recreates the glory and history of Byzantium. From the Hagia Sophia in present-day Istanbul to the looted treasures of the empire now located in St. Marks in Venice.

7.9/10 134
2 The Secret Glory (2001 documentary)

The story of SS officer Otto Rahn and his search for the Holy Grail.

6.7/10 131
3 The Last Days of World War II (1995 TV documentary)

The end of the Second World War in Europe, and the aftermath: war criminals to be brought to trial, stolen art treasures to be returned to their rightful owners.

7.2/10 80
4 The Last Black Sea Pirates (2013 documentary)

The Last Black Sea Pirates swim in testosterone and rugged tenderness in a land of wilderness and legends...

8.3/10 74
5 The Tower (2004 TV mini-series documentary)

Documentary with interesting behind the wall look at the Tower of London. The 8 episodes covered the Tower as a Fortress...

7.6/10 34
6 Dwa Rembrandty w ogrodzie (2009 documentary)

The documentary follows the Englishman Mark Atkin in search of both his Jewish past and the family treasure...

6.0/10 24
7 Tut: The Boy King (1978 TV documentary)

Review the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 with archival photographs and reviews the highlights of the treasure trove with anecdotal stories and conjecture about the Boy King's life and death.

6.3/10 20
8 Hrvatsko Vodeno Blago (2012 TV series documentary)

The series "The Croatia's water treasure" is a representation of Croatian water in its most beautiful treasures and protected areas, national parks and nature parks.

8.5/10 19
9 Henry Lincoln's Guide to Rennes-le-Château (2002 video documentary)

A two hour personally guided tour with Henry Lincoln (filmed in October 1999) of the village, the church and the 'treasures' of the surrounding countryside of Rennes-le-Château in France.

6.5/10 17
10 The Making of 'The Deep' (1977 TV documentary)

Documentary of the making of this thriller about treasure-hunters and smugglers.

7.9/10 8
11 The General Grant: Where It Isn't (2003 video documentary short) 8.4/10 5
12 Arte y tiempo (1961 documentary short)
13 In Search of History: The Gold of El Dorado (1999 TV documentary)
14 Tom og Mette på sporet (1952 documentary)
15 Treasures of Ancient Hellas: Epidavros (1999 video documentary)
16 Wie ein Sechser im Lotto (1997 TV documentary short)
17 Timewatch (1982 TV series documentary)
Episode: The History of a Mystery
18 The Secret (1993 TV series documentary)
19 On the Verge (2007 documentary short)
20 Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs (2009 video documentary)
21 Legends of Magdalen (2013 documentary)

21 titles

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