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1 Personal Affairs (2009 TV series)

An off-beat, fast-paced, funny, sexy and candid depiction of office life which follows the fortunes of four Desperate Workwives trying to break through the glass ceiling.

6.4/10 139
2 ER (1994 TV series)
Episode: Tandem Repeats

A young woman with a failing liver has a difficult reunion with her parents, whom she has not seen in six years. Abby receives a job offer. Brenner isn't nice to Laverne after they sleep together.

7.8/10 76
3 Beautiful Daughters (2006 TV documentary) 7.2/10 42
4 Bukak Api (2000 documentary)

Bukak Api was made to heighten HIV/AIDS awareness amongst the sex-worker community in Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur...

7.5/10 21
5 Confessions of a Drag Queen (2006 short)

It's everything you always wanted to know about drag queens but were afraid to ask! Meet Heaven Lee Hytes - the small town boy became a big city drag sensation! Find out why it takes guts, glamour and a big ego to be a fab drag queen.

7.8/10 16
6 The O'Reilly Factor (1996 TV series)
Episode: Episode dated 3 April 2008
4.7/10 11
7 Matted (2010 TV movie)

Rose Lee is just a typical high school student trying to figure things out. Her dream is to join the boy's wrestling team...

8.0/10 7
8 L'ordre des mots (2007 documentary)

Far from the usual way of addressing trans and intersexe issues, L'ordre des mots takles this community's questions on sexual identity head on.

5.5/10 6
9 Transanimals (2001 short)

Transgendered people often state that they are men trapped in womens bodies or vice versa, can you imagine being a cat trapped in a dog's body? Transgenderism meets Transpeciesism.

10 La transparentalité aujourd'hui (2007 documentary)
11 El camino de Moises (2005 documentary)
12 Queer Science (2009 documentary short)
13 Annabella (2002 short)
14 Kaden Later (2009 documentary short)
15 Transgendered & Pregnant (2009 TV documentary)
16 The Heart of a Woman (2015)

16 titles

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