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1 Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story (2011) 7.3/10 141
2 Tribu (2007) "   57
3 Alyas Ninong: Huling kilabot ng Tondo (1992) 6.8/10 9
4 Dito sa Pitong Gatang (1992)

Pitong Gatang is a barangay in Tondo where Berting Cayabyab is the barangay chairman. He holds a dark secret that no one knows about...

6.9/10 8
5 Grease Gun Gang (1992) 7.7/10 7
6 Eseng ng Tondo (1997)

The story of a workaholic policeman who is so dedicated to his job that it creates conflict between him and his jealous wife Digna (Jenny Syquia). It also stars Ina Raymundo as Elvie, a street-smart informer who falls in love with him.

5.2/10 6
7 Total Aikido (2001) 6.0/10 5
8 Asiong Salonga (1961)

In the later part of the 40s and early part of the 50s, the name Asiong Salonga brought fears and chills to the residents of Tondo and its environs...

9 Canary Brothers of Tondo (1992)

9 titles

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