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1 Take Me Home Tonight (2011)

Four years after graduation, an awkward high school genius uses his sister's boyfriend's Labor Day party as the perfect opportunity to make his move on his high school crush.

6.4/10 38,094
2 House M.D. (2004 TV series)
Episode: Risky Business

A CEO falls mysteriously ill just days before he signs a contract that would relocate his company's entire labor force to China...

8.1/10 677
3 Seinfeld (1989 TV series)
Episode: The Serenity Now

Frank sets up a new business selling computers and hires George and Lloyd Braun (seen in "The Non Fat...

8.9/10 645
4 Glee (2009 TV series)
Episode: Funk

The glee club gets some news that's sure to rattle a few nerves. Meanwhile, Quinn connects with her "funky" side with a little help from Mercedes, and Will gets revenge on Sue.

8.0/10 554
5 NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (2003 TV series)
Episode: Code of Conduct

A marine with a fondness for practical jokes is murdered. Ziva adjusts to her new role on the team.

7.8/10 205
6 The Cleveland Show (2009 TV series)
Episode: It's the Great Pancake, Cleveland Brown

Cleveland crushes Cleveland Jr.'s spirit when he forbids him from trick-or-treating because he thinks he is too old...

6.4/10 89
7 Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990 TV series)
Episode: The Tale of the Twisted Claw

In a twist of "The Monkey's Paw," two boys scare an old lady to death the night before Halloween just as the next night they receive a hand granting them wishes with consequences.

8.0/10 81
8 Bob's Burgers (2011 TV series)
Episode: My Big Fat Greek Bob

Bob scores a temporary gig as a cook at an "underdog" frat house and discovers that he fits right in...

7.4/10 79
9 Everybody Hates Chris (2005 TV series)
Episode: Everybody Hates Halloween

In order to impress a girl Chris goes to an adult party where the girl will be. With some urging from his friend he decides to go as the eccentric singer Prince.

7.5/10 75
10 Last Man Standing (2011 TV series)
Episode: Haunted House

Vanessa takes over the Halloween Haunted House at Boyd's school. They let Boyd go through the haunt before the party to make sure it is scary. It turns out to be too frightening. Eve gets upset when Mandy tells her she is not popular.

7.3/10 50
11 Do Over (2002 TV series)
Episode: Halloween Kiss
7.0/10 6
12 Mr. Belvedere (1985 TV series)
Episode: Halloween

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