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1 Cosmos (1980 TV series documentary)

Astronomer Carl Sagan leads us on an engaging guided tour of the various elements and cosmological theories of the universe.

9.3/10 13,380
2 Wishbone (1995 TV series)

An intelligent and witty dog imagines himself in the role of characters from classic books and gets involved in similar real-life adventures.

8.4/10 1,849
3 The English Surgeon (2007 documentary)

This documentary offers a glimpse into the life of an English neurosurgeon (Henry Marsh) situated in Ukraine as we are exposed to the overwhelming dilemmas he has to face and the burden he has to carry throughout his profession.

7.9/10 466
4 Justice League (2001 TV series)
Episode: Only a Dream: Part II

With the other members of the Justice League trapped in their worst nightmares, Batman and Martian Manhunter have to defeat Doctor Destiny and save them before it is too late.

8.2/10 119
5 Neverthought (2003 short)

A lonely old man uses a new artificial ultraperception device to bring his wife back to life. Sadly, he discovers for himself what the manual doesn't say.

8.0/10 29
6 Through the Wormhole (2010 TV series documentary)
Episode: How Do Aliens Think

By studying the non-humans in our midst, the evolution of human language, and the psychology of super-intelligent beings, scientists are learning how alien minds might function.

7.6/10 17
7 Captain Planet and the Planeteers (1990 TV series)
Episode: An Inside Job
5.1/10 7
8 Brief History of Disbelief (2004 TV mini-series documentary)
Episode: Shadows of Doubt
7.3/10 6
9 Back to the Future (1991 TV series)
Episode: Gone Fishin'

Jules, Verne, and Marty go back in time to Doc's childhood, to help him overcome his fear of fishing, but in a strange series of events, young Emmett becomes a celebrity daredevil.

10 Praemonitus (2008 short)
11 Schoolhouse Rock! (1973 TV series)
Episode: Software
12 Alpha - Sichtweisen für das dritte Jahrtausend (1997 TV series documentary)
13 Schoolhouse Rock! (1973 TV series)
Episode: Hardware
14 Brief History of Disbelief (2004 TV mini-series documentary)
Episode: The Final Hour
15 Mind Stroll (2009 short)
16 The Meaning of Life (2012 documentary)
17 Knowing What You Don't (2013)
18 Little Things (2014 short)

18 titles

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