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1 W. (2008)

A chronicle on the life and presidency of George W. Bush.

6.4/10 36,755
2 Night Stage to Galveston (1952)

Texas law officers are so corrupt that Gene decides to put on his old Texas Ranger uniform and set things right.

6.5/10 49
3 2011 World Series (2011 TV mini-series) 7.4/10 41
4 Comanche Moon (2008 TV mini-series)
Episode: Episode #1.3

With the Civil War over, the Comanche Wars come to an end-with the illness of Buffalo Hump, and circumstances free Captai Scull from capture.

7.0/10 26
5 The Pinto Bandit (1944)

The Texas Rangers set out to learn the identity of a masked horse thief who is trying to stop a mail line run between two cities.

5.9/10 21
6 Rawhide Rangers (1941)

One of the most recycled plots of the B-western genre in which a friend/brother of a lawman/Ranger/Mountie is killed by a gang of outlaws...

"   17
7 Spook Town (1944)

Dty Gulch Trading Post owner Kurt Fabian advances money on mortgages to the local settlers to finance an irrigation program...

5.5/10 "  
8 Colorado Ranger (1950)

Shamrock, Lucky, and the Colonel arrive in Cactus Junction where they are given badges by the Sheriff...

5.9/10 "  
9 The Scarlet Horseman (1946)

The Comanches are buying up rifles from unscrupulous gun smugglers in preparation for a wholesale uprising against settlers in Texas. Two undercover Texas Rangers discover the plot and set out to stop it.

6.1/10 13
10 Border Rangers (1950)

When Texas Ranger George Standish (Eric Norden), who has been pursuing an outlaw gang led by Mungo (Robert Lowery)...

6.2/10 12
11 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1955 TV series)
Episode: Three
7.5/10 11
12 2010 World Series (2010 TV mini-series) 6.5/10 "  
13 Dead Man's Walk (1996 TV mini-series)
Episode: Episode #1.2
7.1/10 10
14 Border Justice (1925)
15 Bad Men of Thunder Gap (1943)
16 Buffalo Bill, Jr. (1955 TV series)
Episode: The Fight for Texas
17 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992 TV series)
Episode: Episode #19.23
18 The Last Duane (2014)

18 titles

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