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1 The Litterbug (1961 short) 6.7/10 102
2 Miroirs d'été (2007 short)

Julian is a melancholic teenager on holiday at the family cottage. Parents, brother, lakeside, and a world that seems out-of-place. Coming-of-age in Summertime.

6.0/10 86
3 La puce (1999 short)

Marion is a 14 year old girl, on holidays at the sea. She is in conflict with her mother and family...

6.3/10 84
4 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bunny (1980 TV short)

Bugs Bunny gushes with excitement over the end of school, but while stopping to wonder why he's excited about this at his age...

6.8/10 83
5 My Uncle Mario (2007 short)

A young boy delivers food in the summer vacation for this mother, who has some sort of a restaurant...

6.9/10 33
6 Bigger and Better (1930 short)

The boys get jobs in a department during summer vacation so they'll be near the girls.

6.1/10 17
7 The Summer of Kate (2005 short)

The Summer of Kate is a coming of age story of Kate, who questions her decision to go to college after...

8.1/10 15
8 Neplavci (2011 short)

A teenage girl is to spend her summer helping out at a holiday resort with no visitors. She joins a...

5.6/10 10
9 Zomer (2009 short)

In an attempt to find herself, a young woman breaks into the home of families who are on holiday.

6.6/10 7
10 Queer Spawn (2006 documentary short)

Queer Spawn allows young people stemming from homo-parental families to express their ideas, feelings, concerns and questions.

7.2/10 6
11 Stranger Than Fiction 6373: The Candy Kid (1941 short)

11 titles

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