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1 Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)

A dramatization of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the series of American blunders that allowed it to happen.

7.5/10 21,448
2 Dive Bomber (1941)

A military surgeon teams with a ranking navy flyer to develop a high-altitude suit which will protect pilots from blacking out when they go into a steep dive.

6.6/10 1,015
3 Nearing Grace (2005)

In the shadow of a family loss, the youngest son develops interest in an attractive high school classmate, paying little mind of her athletic boyfriend or of his own female best friend.

6.1/10 754
4 Mayday (2003 TV series documentary)
Episode: Blind Spot

On 25 September 1978, Pacific Southwest Airlines flight 182 collides with a private Cessna 172 piloted...

6.9/10 12
5 Project U.F.O. (1978 TV series)
Episode: Sighting 4014: The Wild Blue Yonder Incident
6 Border Patrol (1959 TV series)
Episode: Learn to Fly

The Border Patrol investigates reports that a student pilot may be using his training flights to smuggle narcotics across the Mexican border.

6 titles

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