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1 Gypo (2005)

It charts the breakdown of a working class family when the teenage daughter befriends a refugee girl...

6.9/10 371
2 Butterfly Dreams (2013 short)

A 9-year-old girl in rural India, exploited by child labor, must find a way to pursue her dream - how to read and write. She has one last chance when an educated man comes to town.

8.1/10 36
3 The Tomb Robbery Papyrus: Notes of a Past (2009)

A century long search for an important ancient Egyptian royal tomb ... its location defined by a discredited antique manuscript ...

7.0/10 15
4 Her Only Answer (2014 short)

Disgraced, discouraged, and pained, life leaves a woman homeless trying to survive. But, her secret...

4 titles

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