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1 Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011)

Railroad executive Dagny Taggart and steel mogul Henry Rearden form an alliance to fight the increasingly authoritarian government of the United States.

5.8/10 9,905
2 Book of Blood (2009)

A paranormal expert discovers a house that is at the intersection of so-called "highways" transporting souls in the afterlife.

5.3/10 5,072
3 Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike (2012)

Railroad owner Dagny Taggart and steel mogul Henry Rearden search desperately for the inventor of a revolutionary motor as the U.S. government continues to spread its control over the national economy.

5.5/10 4,373
4 Carry on at Your Convenience (1971)

This is the tale of industrial strife at WC Boggs' Lavatory factory. Vic Spanner is the union representative...

5.8/10 1,694
5 American Dream (1990 documentary)

Chronicles the six-month strike at Hormel in Austin, Minnesota, in 1985-86. The local union, P-9 of the Food and Commercial Workers...

7.9/10 565
6 Sunday Too Far Away (1975) 7.1/10 412
7 Fredrikssons fabrikk (1990 TV series)

"Fredrikssons fabrik" is set in a textile factory. The workers are not too interested in working, and...

6.6/10 154

7 titles

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