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1 Building a Building (1933 short)

Mickey Mouse operates a steam shovel; Pegleg Pete is his foreman; Minnie Mouse sells box lunches. Mickey must save the day when Pete makes advances to Minnie.

7.1/10 342
2 The Flying Squirrel (1954 short)

Donald is pushing his peanut cart through the park when a flying squirrel drops in. Donald gets him...

"   221
3 Move On (1903 short)

Push-cart vendors are told to move on by a policeman.

5.0/10 163
4 Danzak (2008 short)

Nina is a 10 year old girl whose life dramatically changes when her father and Master Scissor Dancer asks her to fulfill her last wish.

6.4/10 42
5 Qualquer Lugar (2002 short)

"Anywhere" tells the tempestuous love story between a rich photographer and an underground artist.

5.9/10 17
6 A Walk in the Park (2008 short)

A genius creates the world's first true artificial intelligence while living out of his parents' garage. Soon enough, the creation escapes and endangers the entire human race.

8.0/10 12
7 The #7 Train: An Immigrant Journey (2000 documentary short)

The documentary follows four immigrant passengers as they travel through Queens, New York, one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the United States.

5.9/10 8
8 A Melon-Drama (1931 short)

Clark and McCullough are unemployed private detectives, which leaves Clark a lot of time to play his coronet...

9 A Rookie's Cookie (1943 short)

El, a rookie cop, falls for a girl who is being hounded by a racketeer.

10 Cu2 (2003 short)

Two low-level thugs are making a drug delivery when they accidentally run over a young woman.

11 A Clean-Up on the Curb (1931 short)
12 Rondo (1986 documentary short)
13 Arbuz (2012 short)

13 titles

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