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1 The Cat Concerto (1947 short)

Jerry is determined to disrupt Tom's concert while Tom fights him with the piano without missing a single note.

8.1/10 2,373
2 Thru the Mirror (1936 short)

Mickey has been reading Alice in Wonderland, and falls asleep. He finds himself on the other side of the mirror...

7.6/10 653
3 The Lonesome Mouse (1943 short)

Jerry crashes a vase onto Tom's head, which gets Mammy to throw Tom out. Jerry revels in his freedom...

7.3/10 330
4 Hatch Up Your Troubles (1949 short)

A baby woodpecker mistakes Jerry for his mother. The mouse rejects the newly hatched bird but soon finds himself protecting it against his feline nemesis, Tom.

7.1/10 329
5 Old Rockin' Chair Tom (1948 short)

Mammy Two-Shoes replaces Tom with a younger cat who is a lightning-quick mouser. Tom and Jerry form an alliance in order to get rid of this dangerous newcomer.

7.3/10 321
6 Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid (1929 short)

A cartoonist draws Bosko, who promptly comes to life.

5.6/10 228
7 Fiddlesticks (1930 short)

Flip the Frog is the featured performer at an outdoor nightclub in the forest. His dancing and piano-playing please the crowd of critters.

"   154
8 Minnie's Yoo Hoo (1930 short)

In this sing-along trailer, Mickey sings "Minnie's Yoo Hoo" while the audiences sing along to the words on the screen.

5.8/10 88
9 Buddy's Trolley Troubles (1934 short)

Buddy runs his own trolley. Most of it seems to be a musical number. However, there is a criminal living in the ditches as he breaks loose and hijacks Buddy's trolley.

4.9/10 31

9 titles

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