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1 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

After arriving in India, Indiana Jones is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone. He agrees, and stumbles upon a secret cult plotting a terrible plan in the catacombs of an ancient palace.

7.6/10 238,719
2 Siu lam juk kau (2001)

A young Shaolin follower reunites with his discouraged brothers to form a soccer team using their martial art skills to their advantage.

7.3/10 45,059
3 Die Todesgöttin des Liebescamps (1981)

The young daughter of a US Senator is drawn into a hippie "free love" cult called "The Children of Light" by the blond boyfriend of the cult's leader...

4.2/10 289
4 Gary Unmarried (2008 TV series)
Episode: Gary Has to Choose

Now that Gary and Sasha have taken their relationship to the next level, Gary must decide whether or not putting his career on the line to date his boss is worth it. Meanwhile, Allison tries to teach Tom a lesson in responsibility.

6.4/10 22
5 Excused (2011 TV series)
Episode: Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?
6 Excused (2011 TV series)
Episode: It Ain't Rocket Science
7 Excused (2011 TV series)
Episode: Pecs Appeal
8 Dancing with the Stars (2005 TV series)
Episode: Week 7: Latin Night

Juanes and the eliminated pros perform on the long awaited Latin dance night. Under the rules tonight the top scoring couple is immune from elimination and the rest compete in a dance off for additional points.

8 titles

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