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1 Holy Motors (2012)

From dawn to dusk, a few hours in the shadowy life of a mystic man named Monsieur Oscar.

7.1/10 21,978
2 Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956)

Extra-terrestrials flying in high-tech flying saucers contact scientist Dr. Russell Marvin as part of a plan to enslave the inhabitants of Earth.

6.4/10 4,110
3 Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002)

Diyva and Karan Saxena are in love and plan to marry. Karan has a younger step-brother, Vivek Saxena...

2.4/10 1,240
4 Münchhausen (1943)

This lavish, impudent, adult fairy tale takes the viewer from 18th-century Braunschweig to St. Petersburg, Constantinople, Venice, and then to the moon using ingenious special effects, stunning location shooting.

7.3/10 1,230
5 Le diable noir (1905 short)

A traveler at an inn is harassed by a mischievous devil in his room.

7.2/10 1,058
6 Ragewar (1984)

A demonic wizard challenges a modern-day computer programmer to a battle of technology vs. sorcery, with the programmer's girlfriend as the prize.

3.6/10 962
7 Dream of a Rarebit Fiend (1906 short)

The fiend faces the spectacular mind-bending consequences of his free-wheeling rarebit binge.

6.8/10 954
8 Le roi du maquillage (1904 short)

The background of this picture represents a scene along the beautiful river Seine in Paris. A gentleman enters...

6.4/10 629
9 Despiser (2003 video)

Having just been fired and dumped by his wife, life couldn't possibly be worse for independent artist...

4.0/10 201
10 Ren zhe da jue dou (1987) 6.8/10 178
11 Burn Paris Burn (2009) 6.2/10 17
12 An Edison Album (2013 TV documentary) 8.1/10 11
13 Crossing the Wall: The Making of 'Stardust' (2010 video) 8.2/10 6
14 Out-Sorcery (2011 short)
15 El Duelo Fantástico (2013 short)

15 titles

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