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1 Vicious Lips (1986)

A band finally gets the opportunity for that breakthrough gig if they can make it to an "in" club on another planet in time...

6.4/10 722
2 The Meaning of Life (2005 short) 7.2/10 708
3 Macross 7 (1994 TV series)

A rock band must play a key role in the defense of a space colony fleet.

6.3/10 173
4 Rocky Horror 25: Anniversary Special (2000 TV movie)

VH-1 celebrates Rocky Horror's 25th Anniversary with a Celebrity Karaoke special at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

6.2/10 122
5 Interkosmos (2006)

Interkosmos is a musical documentary-style film about the East German space program-a program with the...

5.6/10 102
6 Space Night (1994 TV series documentary) 8.5/10 39
7 What Goes Up (2005 short)

A "Musical Trance Fusion" tribute to human power of imagination and accomplishment starring aviation and space heroes.

7.3/10 29
8 Kevääntuoja: Uuden Luonnon lauluja (2008 video short)

A seed falls from the sky to a pond. The seed begins to sprout. A sprite is born. Swans gather around her and she sends the swans on a voyage to the Moon. The swans must fly there before the sky freezes over.

6.7/10 6
9 Martin & Ketil - Verden for begyndere (2004 TV series)

Children's morning show hosted by Martin Keller and Ketil Teisen. Martin and Ketil beam down to...

10 The Mystery of Gravity (2007 video)

Tol Stilts and friends meet Gary Gravity and learn how this powerful force affects our world.

11 Deep Space (1999 video short)
12 Journey (1983 video game)
13 Swilson's Cool Skull (2013 short)
14 Dark Side of the Moon; an Interpretation (2013)

14 titles

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