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1 Dead Space (2008 video game)

Engineer Isaac Clarke and his crew get stranded on a large, abandoned mining ship. There, Clarke needs to repair the giant ship while battling nasty aliens and solving the mystery of what happened to the ship.

9.1/10 3,765
2 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992 video game)

Two Tailed Fox Miles "Tails" Prower has been fox-napped by the evil Dr. Robotnik. It's up to Sonic to rescue him before it's too late.

8.2/10 835
3 The Longest Journey (1999 video game)

April Ryan is a young visual-arts student in Venice, Newport. She's been having some strange dreams lately, but little does she know about the important role she'll have in changing the future...

8.4/10 747
4 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994 video game)

On a routine trip to Angel Island, Sonic and Tails encounter a strange Echinda who steals the Chaos Emeralds under direct orders from the evil Dr. Eggman.

8.0/10 469
5 Sonic Adventure 2 (2001 video game)

The most popular video-game character is back in the sequel to the 2 million selling original for the Sega Dreamcast. In his second outing, Sonic is haunted by Shadow the Hedgehog a creation of the evil Dr. Eggman...

8.2/10 293
6 Top Gun (1987 video game) 5.5/10 81
7 Star Ocean: The Last Hope (2009 video game) 7.6/10 70
8 Rendezvous: A Space Shuttle Flight Simulation (1982 video game)

This real-time 3-D flight simulator puts you at the controls of an advanced Enterprise Class Space Shuttle...

9 SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative (1987 video game)

In this video, USA Football Youth Coordinator Larry Canard outlines the fundamentals of the 4-4 defense for your youth football program...

10 Demon (1982 video game)
11 Rougien (1982 video game)
12 Victory (1982 video game)
13 Blaster (1983 video game)
14 Kidô Senshi SD Gandamu: Saiko Saramandâ no Kyôi (1991 video game)
15 S.T.G: Strike Gunner (1991 video game)

15 titles

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