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1 NASA: 25 Years (1983 video documentary)

A collection of NASA films, from Project Mercury to the Space Shuttle.

7.6/10 56
2 History's Lost & Found (1999 TV series documentary)

The Shroud of Turin. The Wright Brothers' plane. The treasures of King Tut. This is a captivating examination...

8.3/10 44
3 Spaceflight (1985 TV documentary)

A history of space flight.

7.9/10 40
4 Beyond the Moon: Failure Is Not an Option 2 (2005 TV documentary)

A history of the U.S. manned space program from the end of Apollo to today, as seen by the men (and women) of Mission Control.

8.0/10 22
5 Atlantis (2011 short)

A film that dramatizes the final space shuttle launch and its significance in the history of space exploration for all mankind.

6.0/10 11
6 Rocketships (1998 TV documentary)

Kate Mulgrew, Star Trek: Voyager's Captain Janeway herself, narrates this special for Discovery Channel about the past, present and possible future of spaceships in the real world.

6 titles

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