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1 Bernie (2011)

In small-town Texas, an affable mortician strikes up a friendship with a wealthy widow, though when she starts to become controlling, he goes to great lengths to separate himself from her grasp.

6.8/10 34,078
2 See No Evil, Hear No Evil (1989)

Dave is deaf, and Wally is blind. They witness a murder, but it was Dave who was looking at her, and Wally who was listening.

"   29,999
3 In Like Flint (1967)

Super-spy Flint takes on a cabal of women plotting to rule the world.

6.2/10 3,405
4 Hotel Splendide (2000)

The Hotel Splendide is on a remote and cold island, accessible only by a once-a-month ferry. It's a...

6.6/10 860
5 Kyonyû doragon: Onsen zonbi vs sutorippâ 5 (2010)

A medieval Book of the Dead is discovered in the catacombs that run under a small town strip club. When...

4.6/10 841
6 Syberia (2002 video game)

N.Y. Lawyer Kate Walker embarks on a journey of self-discovery after she is sent to France to negotiate a deal that winds up sending her on the trail of a brain-damaged genius.

8.3/10 392
7 Les cracks (1968) 5.8/10 210
8 O Klearhos, i Marina kai o kontos (1961) 7.4/10 198
9 El regalo (2008)

A man who has recently lost his wife and forced to retire contemplates suicide. His friends take him on a trip to a senior resort, and invite his former sweetheart.

6.7/10 176
10 The Good Soldier (1981 TV movie)

A romantic tragedy about two turn-of-the-century couples - one American, one British - who regularly vacation together at a spa in Germany.

7.5/10 95
11 The Naked Truth (1995 TV series)
Episode: The Spa
9.6/10 9
12 Nova (1974 TV series documentary)
Episode: Descent Into the Ice
7.2/10 8
13 Monkey Spa (2011 documentary short) 8.5/10 6

13 titles

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