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1 The Beguiled (1971)

While imprisoned in a Confederate girls boarding school, a Union soldier cons his way into each of the lonely women's hearts.

7.2/10 7,678
2 Santa Fe Trail (1940)

The story of Jeb Stuart, his romance with Kit Carson Holliday, friendship with George Custer and battles...

6.3/10 1,912
3 The Outrage (1964)

Travelers in the 1870s Southwest discuss a recent murder trial in which all the principals told differing stories about the events.

6.4/10 1,273
4 A Texas Funeral (1999)

In Texas in the late '60s, the Whit family meets for the funeral of grandfather Sparta. This, however...

"   498
5 Requiescant (1967)

The son of a Mexican bandit comes upon a village that is under the thumb of a deranged former Confederate officer, who is--among other things--stealing land from the locals with phony land grants.

6.7/10 255
6 Escort West (1958)

An ex-Confederate officer and his young daughter, traveling West, rescue two women survivors of an Indian attack.

6.1/10 232
7 Gli uomini dal passo pesante (1965)

Civil War soldier returns home to his father who can't accept the loss of the Confederates. Serious conflicts arouse which split the family.

5.9/10 86
8 Pony Express Days (1940 short)

A youthful Buffalo Bill Cody joins the newly-formed Pony Express as a station hand and replaces the regular rider when he is shot by Southern sympathizer.

5.7/10 82
9 Louisiana (1984 TV movie)

Virginia Tregan returns to her home in the U.S. Deep South from a sojourn in Paris only to discover...

5.9/10 66
10 Secret Service (1931)

Lewis Dumont, a Northern officer in the American Civil War, works undercover behind Confederate lines...

5.6/10 61
11 Raiders of Ghost City (1944) 6.3/10 27
12 The Michigan Kid (1947) 5.5/10 17
13 The Scarlet Drop (1918) 3.5/10 16

13 titles

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