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1 North by Northwest (1959)

A hapless New York advertising executive is mistaken for a government agent by a group of foreign spies, and is pursued across the country while he looks for a way to survive.

8.5/10 172,318
2 Samsara (2011 documentary)

Filmed over nearly five years in twenty-five countries on five continents, and shot on seventy-millimetre film, Samsara transports us to the varied worlds of sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial complexes, and natural wonders.

8.4/10 13,199
3 Crystal Voyager (1973 documentary)

A loose biography of surfer and documentarist George Greenough, one of the most famous and unique members of the surfing subculture.

6.5/10 126
4 The Mysterious Pilot (1937)

A 15-episode serial in which our hero, Jim Dorn helps hide Jean McNain from a man she can implicate in a murder.

4.0/10 48
5 Day of the Killer Tornadoes (1978 documentary short)

Presents the story of the day 147 deadly twisters swept through Ohio, Kentucky, and Alabama. The funnels devastated large portions of 11 states...

7.9/10 19
6 Tornado Video Classics (1992 video documentary) 7.3/10 9
7 The Art of Storm Chasing (1999 video documentary)
8 StormWatcher: A Video Spotters Guide (1994 video documentary)
9 StormWatch (1995 video documentary short)
10 Storms of 2005 (2005 video documentary)
11 Storms of 2006 (2006 video documentary)
12 When Lightning Strikes (1992 TV documentary)
13 Terrible Tuesday (1984 documentary short)
14 Tornadoes: A Spotter's Guide (1977 documentary short)
15 Chasing the Wind (1991 video documentary short)
16 Chasing Reality (2011 video documentary short)

16 titles

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