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1 Fritz the Cat (1972)

A hypocritical swinging college student cat raises hell in a satiric vision of various elements on the 1960's.

6.2/10 6,580
2 Black Lagoon (2006 TV series)

A Japanese businessman, captured by modern-day pirates, is written off and left for dead by his company. Tired of the corporate life, he opts to stick with the mercenaries that kidnapped him, becoming part of their gang.

8.2/10 3,479
3 The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (1974)

Fritz the Cat may have lost one of his lives in the comics, but in his new movie, he has eight more lives left to go! While his wife screams at him, Fritz lights up a joint and reminiscences about what could have been.

5.4/10 1,573
4 ¡Vampiros en La Habana! (1985)

A scientist invents a potion that allows vampires to be able to live under the rays of the sun. When the word gets out to the vampires of the world...

7.1/10 782
5 Kasimasi: Girl Meets Girl (2006 TV series)

After being rejected by the girl he loves, Hazumu goes to the mountains to console himself. A crashing alien spaceship lands on him. The aliens regenerate his body. However, they could only make him into a girl.

7.3/10 111
6 1+2 = Paradise (1989 video)

Yuusuke is a boy who has a pathological fear of women. One day, his father (a gynecologist) decides to bring two sexy twin sisters into the house to help his son overcome his fear. However, the situation will only become more chaotic.

7.4/10 12

6 titles

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