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1 Road to Perdition (2002)

Bonds of loyalty are put to the test when a hitman's son witnesses what his father does for a living.

7.8/10 169,972
2 Killer Elite (2011)

When his mentor is taken captive by a disgraced Arab sheik, a killer-for-hire is forced into action. His mission: kill three members of Britain's elite Special Air Service responsible for the death of his son.

6.5/10 88,146
3 Conan the Barbarian (2011)

A vengeful barbarian warrior sets off to get his revenge on the evil warlord who attacked his village and murdered his father when he was a boy.

5.2/10 71,880
4 Colombiana (2011)

A young woman, after witnessing her parents' murder as a child in Bogota, grows up to be a stone-cold assassin.

6.4/10 63,054
5 Red Dawn (2012)

A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.

5.5/10 50,516
6 Sukiyaki Western Django (2007)

A revolver-wielding stranger crosses paths with two warring clans who are both on the hunt for a hidden treasure in a remote western town. Knowing his services are valuable to either side, he offers himself to the clan who will offer up the largest share of the wealth.

6.3/10 11,845
7 Chuck (2007 TV series)
Episode: Chuck Versus the Subway

Casey goes undercover to protect his daughter from The Ring, Big Mike receives some shocking news regarding the Buy More, and Chuck's father becomes the team's only chance of survival against The Ring.

9.1/10 661
8 Rome (2005 TV series)
Episode: Pharsalus

As they try to reach Caesar in Greece, the shipwrecked Vorenus and Pullo confront an unexpected dilemma...

8.5/10 614
9 Criminal Minds (2005 TV series)
Episode: Our Darkest Hour

The BAU are called to California when a sadistic serial killer appears and begins killing people in the dark during the rolling blackouts.

7.8/10 478
10 Criminal Minds (2005 TV series)
Episode: Public Enemy

The BAU are called to Providence, Rhode Island where a serial killer is on the loose. He has killed three people thus far...

"   347
11 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001 TV series)
Episode: Legion
8.2/10 76
12 Aswang (2011) 4.8/10 33
13 El sabor de la venganza (1971) 5.5/10 20
14 Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958 TV series)
Episode: Angela
7.4/10 18

14 titles

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