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1 Sharkwater (2006 documentary)

Sharkwater - The Story "An eye-opening film...visually stunning... this movie will change the way you see our oceans." - Bonnie Laufer...

8.0/10 3,467
2 Whale Wars (2008 TV series documentary)

This stunning and dangerous limited series spotlights both the controversial Japanese whaling trade...

6.0/10 1,773
3 South Park (1997 TV series)
Episode: Whale Whores

Stan is upset about the Japanese killing whales and dolphins, so he takes command of the Sea Shepherd on the "Whale Wars" reality show and does something about it.

8.1/10 828
4 At the Edge of the World (2008 documentary)

At the Edge of the World chronicles the controversial Sea Shepherd Antarctic Campaign against a Japanese whaling fleet...

7.0/10 289
5 Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson (2011 documentary)

"Eco-Pirate" tells the story of a man on a mission to save the planet and its oceans. The film follows professional radical ecologist...

7.6/10 179
6 Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist (2010 documentary)

Seen through the eyes of activist Peter Jay Brown, Confessions grants the viewer an intimate look at...

"   178
7 Your Mommy Kills Animals (2007 documentary)

An in-depth look at the animal rights movement and the FBI's recent declaration calling them the number one domestic terrorist threat to the United States.

6.6/10 177
8 Behind the Mask (2006 documentary) 7.1/10 127
9 END:CIV (2011 documentary)

If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?

7.7/10 114
10 Ocean Raider: Defenders of the Wild (1993 TV documentary)

On the high seas, beyond the reach of the law, the ships that illegally kill whales, dolphins and seals can do so with little fear of punishment...

8.6/10 10
11 War Story (1995 documentary short)
12 30 Years on the Frontline (2008 documentary short)
13 Testify! Eco-Defense and the Politics of Violence (2005 video documentary)

13 titles

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