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1 The Wrong Trousers (1993 short)

Wallace is used by a criminal penguin in a robbery involving mechanical trousers.

8.5/10 33,583
2 Duck Amuck (1953 short)

The short-tempered Daffy Duck must improvise madly as the backgrounds, his costumes, the soundtrack, even his physical form, shifts and changes at the whim of the animator.

"   5,523
3 Goof Troop (1992 TV series)

The classic Disney character, Goofy is a single father raising his son, Max in Spoonerville. Pete, a frequent antagonist from the old cartoons, lives next door with his family.

6.9/10 3,291
4 Symphony in Slang (1951 short)

Various saints are logging details of everyone entering Heaven, but because they're a bit out of touch with early 1950s slang...

7.4/10 453
5 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (2003 TV series)

In the 31st Century, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is an incredible and outlandish renegade who fights against the Margarita Empire and his leader...

7.2/10 440
6 The Screwdriver (1941 short)

Woody Woodpecker is a proud speeder; a fat, slow-witted, red-nosed motorcycle cop is his outmatched nemesis.

6.9/10 72
7 The Screwball (1943 short)

A gate-crashing Woody Woodpecker sneaks in to see the game and winds up pitching and batting for one of the teams.

6.4/10 69
8 Kiddie League (1959 short)

Woody Woodpecker's Kiddie League baseball team is in the championship game finals with the Bubble Gummers...

5.0/10 18

8 titles

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