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1 Dr. Plonk (2007)

A scientist & inventor in 1907, Dr Plonk, predicts that the world will end in 101 years, unless something is done about it. A comedy in the Charlie Chaplin / Buster Keaton tradition.

6.7/10 368
2 Audition (2007 short)

Meet William H. Ashe. That's kind of like William H. Macy, so it must be a sign, right? William Ashe is 30 years old...

6.2/10 33
3 George Jessel and His Russian Art Choir (1931 short)

Entertainer George Jessel introduces a choir he discovered during a trip to Russia.

4.2/10 27
4 Henry the Ache (1934 short)

King Henry the Eighth's new wife, Queen Annie, discovers that Henry doesn't know the first thing about the "facts of life", so she turns to the king's adviser, Sir Thomas.

4.9/10 11
5 The Return of Captain Schticklach (2009 short)

He's the "stooper-super" hero with some seltzer in his hand - and he spreads his rotten gags throughout the land.

7.7/10 7
6 Biography (1987 TV series documentary)
Episode: Milton Berle: Mr. Television

A look back at the career of comedian Milton Berle, "Mr. Television," the first inductee in the Television Hall of Fame.

6 titles

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