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1 An Inconvenient Truth (2006 documentary)

A documentary on Al Gore's campaign to make the issue of global warming a recognized problem worldwide.

7.6/10 55,419
2 Endgame (2009)

A story based on the covert discussions that brought down the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

6.3/10 2,062
3 Hell House (2001 documentary)

A look at the "Hell House" performed annually in October by the youth members of Trinity Church (Assemblies of God) in Cedar Hill...

6.9/10 1,333
4 Follow That Dream (1962)

When the Kwimper family car runs out of gas on a new Florida highway and an officous state supervisor tries to run them off...

6.5/10 1,271
5 The Education of Shelby Knox (2005 documentary)

A 15-year-old girl's transformation from conservative Southern Baptist to liberal Christian and ardent feminist parallels her fight for sex education and gay rights in Lubbock, Texas.

7.3/10 372
6 Boys Beware (1961 short)

Young Jimmy accepts a ride home from a friendly stranger, Ralph. Jimmy likes Ralph. Ralph likes Jimmy...

3.2/10 295
7 Out in the Silence (2009 documentary)

The announcement of filmmaker Joe Wilson's wedding to another man ignites a firestorm of controversy in his small hometown and a plea for help from the mother of a gay teen being tormented at school.

7.1/10 146
8 Doctor Who (1963 TV series)
Episode: Planet of the Spiders: Part One

While the Doctor carries out an investigation into ESP, Mike Yates asks Sarah to look into some strange goings on at a meditation centre he's attending.

8.0/10 118
9 A Terrifying Message from Al Gore (2006 video short)

Al Gore attempts to promote his film, An Inconvenient Truth (2006).

6.4/10 44
10 Haunted Ranch (1943)

Both the Range Buster and Rance and his outlaw gang are looking for stolen gold bullion. To scare people away from the ranch where the gold is hidden...

6.3/10 41
11 Ghost Valley (1932) 5.6/10 30
12 Millionaire Playboy (1940) 5.7/10 15
13 Sabina (1963)
14 Dragons' Den (2005 TV series)
Episode: Episode #10.3

14 titles

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