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1 Wild Things (1998)

A police detective uncovers a conspiracy behind a case involving a high-school guidance counselor when accusations of rape are made against him by two female students.

6.5/10 78,891
2 Double Jeopardy (1999)

A woman framed for her husband's murder suspects he is still alive; as she has already been tried for the crime, she can't be re-prosecuted if she finds and kills him.

6.3/10 48,479
3 The Weight of Water (2000)

A newspaper photographer, Jean, researches the lurid and sensational axe murder of two women in 1873...

6.0/10 6,921
4 Consenting Adults (1992)

Richard and Priscilla Parker's lives take a turn for the better when Eddy and Kay move into the house next door...

5.7/10 4,808
5 The Uninvited (1944)

A composer and his sister discover that the reason they are able to purchase a beautiful gothic seacoast mansion very cheaply is the house's unsavory past.

7.5/10 4,748
6 Masquerade (1988)

A recently orphaned millionairess, Olivia, really hates her scheming step-father. Olivia finds love with a young yacht racing captain...

6.0/10 2,083
7 Visitors (2003)

The story of Georgia Perry, the first woman to sail around the world solo.

5.2/10 975
8 Columbo (1971 TV series)
Episode: Last Salute to the Commodore

Charlie Clay runs the ship building business of his father-in-law, Commodore Swanson, who turns up murdered; Lt. Columbo is on the case.

6.5/10 829
9 The Disappearance of Christina (1993 TV movie)

Joe and Christina's marriage is in trouble when they take a sailing trip with their married best friends...

5.6/10 166

9 titles

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