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1 The Cosby Show (1984 TV series)

The goings-on in the life of a successful African American family.

7.5/10 19,821
2 Super Mario Bros. (1985 video game)

Plumber brothers Mario and Luigi are transported to the Mushroom Kingdom, where they must stop the evil Koopa King, Bowser, and his reign of terror.

9.0/10 2,107
3 Dime to Retire (1955 short)

Porky Pig is a tired traveller driving into a town and looking for a hotel. He is delighted to find one with a 10 cent per-night fee...

6.9/10 139
4 Chew-Chew Baby (1945 short)

Wally Walrus kicks the delinquent Woody Woodpecker out of his boarding house. But the mooching bird finds the walrus's personal ad in the newspaper and comes back, disguised as a woman.

6.8/10 62
5 Alex Kidd in Miracle World (1986 video game) 7.4/10 27
6 The Goonies (1986 video game) 8.6/10 7
7 My Room (2009 short)

One girl living with mom and two brothers wants to have her own room. However, mom is busy to search job and brothers are keep bullying her. She plans to make her own room with her only friend a Goldfish.

8 Babel (1986 video game)

8 titles

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