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1 The Prince and the Pauper (1990 short)

A poor boy and a prince exchange identities and lives while the villainous Captain of the Guard plots to take advantage of this.

7.1/10 1,418
2 Cheese Chasers (1951 short)

After invading a cheese factory, mice Hubie and Bertie have finally had their fill of cheese and figure there's nothing more left to live for. They plan to end it all by surrendering to Claude Cat, who becomes decidedly suspicious.

7.4/10 382
3 Hare Brush (1955 short)

The corporate board has Elmer committed to an asylum because he thinks he's a rabbit. At the sanitarium Bugs agrees to trade places with Elmer.

7.3/10 261
4 Wideo Wabbit (1956 short)

Bugs Bunny is chased by Elmer Fudd throughout a TV studio and its various productions.

7.1/10 228
5 Crazy Mixed Up Pup (1954 short)

After a traffic accident, a man is treated with dog plasma while his dog is treated with human plasma.

7.2/10 143
6 The Impractical Joker (1937 short)

Betty Boop's baking is interrupted by her obnoxious practical-joking cousin, Irving. Can Grampy out-joke the joker?

6.4/10 116
7 Fowl Weather (1953 short)

Granny is Tweety Bird's mistress on a farm. She assigns a bulldog named Hector to take care of Tweety while she's away...

7.0/10 113
8 Felix Doubles for Darwin (1924 short)

A famished Felix reads an advertisement telling of a large reward for anyone that can give proof for the theory of evolution...

6.2/10 73
9 Crazy Town (1954 short)

A series of blackout gags show the topsy-turvy world of Crazy Town.

5.7/10 34
10 The Schooner the Better (1946 short)

A reworking of the old sea tales, when men were drugged, slugged and shanghaied aboard ships. This one features a role reversal where the villain, with intent to shanghai the hero, finds the tables have turned.

3.0/10 8
11 Housewife Herman (1938 short)
12 Wacky Quacky (1947 short)
13 The Wolf's Pardon (1947 short)
14 Reverse World (2012 short)
15 I mysi patrí do nebe (2017)

15 titles

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