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1 Tie pohjoiseen (2012)

A father who was absent for 30 years of his son's life returns and wants to bond with his son, on a road trip to the north.

6.5/10 1,057
2 Junglee (1961)

A humorless and pompous businessman goes wild when he falls in love. Now if only his domineering mother could understand his new lease on life.

7.3/10 271
3 O dynasteias (1986)

The adventurous life of a man who wandered around the world, spent a few years playing "Tarzan" in the jungle, became rich and eventually returned back in his birth-place.

5.9/10 82
4 A Small Town Idol (1939 short)

In Sleepytown, cross-eyed Sam Smith and Mary Brown are about to get married. But the scoundrel, Jim Jones...

5.3/10 20
5 Unfinished Business (1985)

Maureen's biological clock is ticking, and she wants a baby. Her husband George is unable to oblige...

6.3/10 15

5 titles

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